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Alphabet in Armenian Language

Learning the Armenian alphabet is critical to learn the Armenian Language. Armenian alphabet configuration is applied in a every day conversation. With out the Armenian alphabet, it is impossible to say the Armenian words properly even if you learn how to write those words in Armenian. Learn More

Like in any language, the better anyone articulate a letter in a word, the better grasped you’ll be in speaking the Armenian language. Below are web links that guides you to the Armenian alphabet and exactly how it is actually pronounced in English.
Armenian Language Words

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Аа Бб Вв Гг Ґґ Дд ДЖдж ДЗЬдзь Ее Ёё Жж Зз Іі Йй Кк Лл Мм Нн Оо Пп Рр Сс СЬсь Тт Уу Ўў Фф Хх Цц Чч Шш Ыы Ьь Ээ Юю Яя

Vowels in Armenian Alphabet

Ա/ա ayblike father
Ե/ե yechlike pet, but like yet when at the beginning of the word
Է/է ehlike pet
Ը/ը ətlike about (schwa)
Ի/ի eenilike peek
Ո/ո volike port, but like voice when at the beginning of the word
Ու/ու oolike soon
Ааlike the 'a' in 'alone'
Ееlike "ye" in "yet" or the "ie" in "miedo"
Ёёlike "yo" in "yonder" or the "io" in "frio"
Ээlike "e" in "met"
Ййlike "y" in "play" or "boy". It's a semivowel, and it is always combined with a full vowel.
Ііlike "ee" in "see"
Ооlike "o" in "open"
Ууlike "oo" in "boot"

Յ/յ heelike yes
Հ/հ hohlike horse

Consonants in Armenian Alphabet

Բ/բ benlike big
Գ/գ gimlike goat
Դ/դ dalike dark
Զ/զ zalike zoo
Թ/թ tohlike tiger, aspirated
Ժ/ժ zhelike measure
Լ/լ lyunlike light
Խ/խ khehlike Scottish loch or German Aachen
Ծ/ծ tsalike cats
Կ/կ kenlike scar, unaspirated
Ձ/ձ dzalike beds
Ղ/ղ ghatlike French gutteral "r", alternatively like Baghdad
Ճ/ճ tchehlike church
Մ/մ menlike mouse
Ն/ն noolike north
Շ/շ shalike shark
Չ/չ chalike chicken
Պ/պ pehlike spar, unaspirated
Ջ/ջ jehlike jar
Ռ/ռ rarolled "r" as in Spanish
Ս/ս sehlike swim
Վ/վ vevlike vote
Տ/տ tyoonlike star, unaspirated
Ր/ր rehsoft "r", like rest
Ց/ց tsohlike tsunami
Փ/փ pyoorlike pot, aspirated
Ք/ք qehlike question, aspirated
Ֆ/ֆ fehlike fork
ԵՎ/և yevlike devil, but read yev when at the beginning of the word
Ббlike "b" in "bit"
Ввlike "v" in "vine"
Ггapprox. like "h" in "how" [aspirated like the 'ck' in "brick"]
Ґґlike "g" in "go" [not often used]
Ддlike "d" in "do"
ДЖджlike "j" in "journey"
ДЗЬдзьapprox. like "ds" in "raids"
Жжlike "s" in "pleasure"
Ззlike "z" in "zoo"
ЗЬзьsoft palatalized sound in between "z" and "zh".
Ккlike "k" in "kitten"
Ллlike "l" in "lady"
ЛЬльsoft "l" like "l" in "lemon"
Ммlike "m" in "my"
Ннlike "n" in "not" or like the "ny" in "canyon"
НЬньlike "n" in "near"
Ппlike "p" in "pot"
Ррtrilled "r" (similar to a Spanish "r")
Ссlike "s" in "sun"
СЬсьsoft palatalized sound in between "s" and "sh".
Ттlike "t" in "tip"
Ўўlike final "w" in "window"
Ффlike "f" in "face"
Ххlike "ch" in Scottish "loch"
Ццlike "ts" in "cats"
ЦЬцьsoft palatalized sound in between "ts" and "ch".
Ччlike the 'ch' in "chest"
Шшlike "sh" in "shut"
Ыыlike the 'y' in 'possibly'
Ююlike "u" in "duke"[iu]
Яяlike "ya" in "yard" or the "ia" in "mia"

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Armenian Alphabet

айlike 'eye'
яйlike saying 'ya' in "yard" and 'eye' [yah-ee]
ойlike 'oy' in "boy" [oy]
ейlike 'ye' in "yet" and 'ay' in "play" [yeh ee]
эйlike 'ey' in "prey" [ey]
ыйlike 'i' in "Chris" and 'y' in "yes" similar to saying "possibly yes" [ee yeh]
уйlike 'oo' in "good" and 'y' in "yet" [oo yeh]
юйlike 'you' and 'y' in "play" [yoo ee]
аўlike 'ou' in "out" [ah oo]
яўlike saying 'ya' in "yard" and 'ou' in "out" [yah oo]
оўlike the 'ow' in "grow" [oh oo]
еўlike 'ye' in "yet" and 'wo' in "won't" [yeh woh]
эўlike 'e' in 'end' and 'wo' in "won't" [eh woh]

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