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About Belarussian Consonants Chart

Would like to know which are the consonants present in Belarussian language? In articulatory phonetics, a Belarussian consonant is really a speech sound which is articulated having full or partial closure in the vocal region. The word consonant can also be employed to make reference to a letter of a Belarussian alphabet that indicates a consonant sound. Learn More

Belarussian Consonants Chart

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Belarussian Consonants in Alphabet

Ббlike "b" in "bit"
Ввlike "v" in "vine"
Ггapprox. like "h" in "how" [aspirated like the 'ck' in "brick"]
Ґґlike "g" in "go" [not often used]
Ддlike "d" in "do"
ДЖджlike "j" in "journey"
ДЗЬдзьapprox. like "ds" in "raids"
Жжlike "s" in "pleasure"
Ззlike "z" in "zoo"
ЗЬзьsoft palatalized sound in between "z" and "zh".
Ккlike "k" in "kitten"
Ллlike "l" in "lady"
ЛЬльsoft "l" like "l" in "lemon"
Ммlike "m" in "my"
Ннlike "n" in "not" or like the "ny" in "canyon"
НЬньlike "n" in "near"
Ппlike "p" in "pot"
Ррtrilled "r" (similar to a Spanish "r")
Ссlike "s" in "sun"
СЬсьsoft palatalized sound in between "s" and "sh".
Ттlike "t" in "tip"
Ўўlike final "w" in "window"
Ффlike "f" in "face"
Ххlike "ch" in Scottish "loch"
Ццlike "ts" in "cats"
ЦЬцьsoft palatalized sound in between "ts" and "ch".
Ччlike the 'ch' in "chest"
Шшlike "sh" in "shut"
Ыыlike the 'y' in 'possibly'
Ююlike "u" in "duke"[iu]
Яяlike "ya" in "yard" or the "ia" in "mia"

Belarussian Diphthongs in Alphabet

айlike 'eye'
яйlike saying 'ya' in "yard" and 'eye' [yah-ee]
ойlike 'oy' in "boy" [oy]
ейlike 'ye' in "yet" and 'ay' in "play" [yeh ee]
эйlike 'ey' in "prey" [ey]
ыйlike 'i' in "Chris" and 'y' in "yes" similar to saying "possibly yes" [ee yeh]
уйlike 'oo' in "good" and 'y' in "yet" [oo yeh]
юйlike 'you' and 'y' in "play" [yoo ee]
аўlike 'ou' in "out" [ah oo]
яўlike saying 'ya' in "yard" and 'ou' in "out" [yah oo]
оўlike the 'ow' in "grow" [oh oo]
еўlike 'ye' in "yet" and 'wo' in "won't" [yeh woh]
эўlike 'e' in 'end' and 'wo' in "won't" [eh woh]

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