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About Ordering Food in Belarussian

Hungry? How to start purchasing meals in Belarussian? These are a few of the queries you will have when visiting in a Belarussian speaking region. Learn More

Whether you’re intending to live in a Belarussian speaking country or going on a short break there, understanding how to get meals in Belarussian is important. Dining out at Belarussian restaurants and cafes generally is a lot of pleasure, particularly if you fully understand some rudimentary Belarussian restaurant vocab. More …
Belarussian Language Words

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We now have detailed quite a few common meal related phrases in Belarussian, underneath, wishing some may help you if you are ordering food in Belarussian.

Speaking Belarussian When Eating Out

Click here to know the Belarussian meals phrases simply that can be used when it comes to ordering meals in Belarussian dining places and cafes.

Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Прабачце мяне, aфіцыянт/официантка? (prah-BAHCH-tsyeh MYAH-nyeh, AHFEE-tsihiant/oh-FEE-tsih-ahnt-kah?)
I'm finished.Я скончыла. (yah skohn-CHIH-lah)
It was delicious.Было вельмі смачна. (VLIH-loh VYEHL'mee SMAHCH-nah)
Please clear the plates.Калі ласка, прыбіраць са стала. (KAH-lee LAHS-kah, sah STAH-lah)
The check, please.Кошт, калі ласка. (kosht, KAH-lee LAHS-kah)

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