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Do you know precisely what to express when you are having problems in Brazilian? You might be in a situation where anyone is troubling you or you had missing your travelling bag in a country in which they speak Brazilian. Learn More

People do not need to worry. We put together a list of Brazilian terms that you can use in a crisis. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Brazilian Language

Leave me alone.Me deixe em paz. (meh DEY-sheh eng PAHS)
Don't touch me!Não me toque! (NOWNG meh TOH-keh!)
I'll call the police.Eu chamo a polícia. (AY-oo SHAH-moo a poh-LEE-see-ah)
Police!Polícia! (poh-LEE-see-ah!)
Stop! Thief!Pára! Ladrão! (PAH-rah! lah-DROWNG!)
I need your help.Preciso da sua ajuda. (preh-SEE-zoo dah SOO-ah ah-ZHOO-dah)
It's an emergency.É uma emergência. (EH oo-mah eh-mer-ZHENG-see-ah)
I'm lost.Estou perdido/...da. (STOW per-DEE-doo/ per-JEE-doo...dah)
I lost my bag.Perdi a minha mala [bolsa]. (per-DEE / per-JEE a meen-yah MAH-lah)
I lost my wallet.Perdi a minha carteira.(per-DEE / per-JEE (Rio) ah MEE-nyah cahr-TAY-rah)
I'm sick.Estou doente. (is-TOW doo-AYNT (Port.) / doo-AYN-chee (Brazil))
I've been injured.Estou ferido/da. (is-TOW feh-REE-doo/dah)
I need a doctor.Preciso de um médico. (preh-SEE-zoo deh oong MEH-dee-koo)
Can I use your phone?Posso usar o seu telefone? (POH-soo oo-ZAR oo seoo teh-leh-FOW-nee (Brazil)?)

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