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Bulgarian Vowels: Learn How to Pronounce Them Easily

Bulgarian vowels with regard to Bulgarian Alphabet is usually a sound which is pronounced by just using your lips (in the event of nasal vowels, the use of your nose) without having any blockage of the lip area, tongue, or throat.There is certainly certainly a number of common rules to be aware of each time pronouncing Bulgarian vowels. Learn More

The articulatory features which usually recognize various Bulgarian vowel sounds usually are stated to look for the vowel’s quality in Bulgarian Language. Within a well-established vowel process similar to the Bulgarian vowel system, there are actually usual features – height (vertical dimension), blackness (horizontal dimension) and roundedness (lip position). Learn The Bulgarian Vowels
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There are nonetheless also additional possible attributes of Bulgarian vowel level of quality, much like the velum position (nasality), sort of vocal fold vibration (phonation), and tongue root location.

List of Bulgarian Vowels in Bulgarian Alphabet

Bulgarian Vowels in Alphabet

Unstressed "а" and "ъ", "о" and "у", "е" and "и" tend to be shorter and weaker compared to their stressed counterparts, approaching each other, though without merging completely,
presenting a challenge for Bulgarian learners. You shall hear the 'ти' as a 'tchee' sound. Because the 't' becomes palatal and not said behind the teeth like in "ten"
like in father or car (when stressed); when at the end of the word sounds like stub. Sounds like "uh" as in the Bulgarian letter 'ъ' when unstressed.a ah [a]
like in pen or attend (when stressed); Sounds like a weak 'ee' when unstressed.e eh [e]
like in machine or to be(when stressed); Sounds like a weak 'eh' as in the Bulgarian letter 'e' when unstressed.и ee [i]
like in more or score (when stressed); Sounds like a weak 'oo' when unstressed.o oh [כ]
like in rule or moon (when stressed); Sounds like a weak 'oh' when unstressed.у oo [u]
like in about (unstressed) or stub (when stressed). Sounds like a strong 'ah' when unstressed. This letter never appears at the start of a word, other than for the word "ъгъл", the Bulgarian word for "corner".ъ uh [ə]
Before a vowel (after another vowel or at the beginning of a word) denotes a diphthong like in "crayon" or "yes". After a vowel at the end of the word similar to English 'y' as in "play" or "fly".
Can be used only next to vowels and not before or after a consonant.

Bulgarian Semi Vowels in Alphabet

like in yes or playй y (i-kratko/short i)

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