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How do we say the Days of the week in Cantonese language

While you are traveling in China and someone questions you in Cantonese “what day is it today?” you will have to know how to give the days of the 7 days in Cantonese simply. What if people asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You’ll need to write the time in Cantonese maybe. Use our day sentences in Cantonese below to know the full week days in Cantonese. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Cantonese

today今日 gām'yaht
yesterday尋日 chàhm'yaht
tomorrow聽日 tīngyaht
the day before last前日 chìhnyaht
the day after tomorrow後日 hauh'yaht
this week今個禮拜 gām go láihbaai
last week上個禮拜 seuhng go láihbaai
next week下個禮拜 hah go láihbaai
Sunday禮拜日 láihbaai yaht
Monday禮拜一 láihbaai yāt
Tuesday禮拜二 láihbaai yih
Wednesday禮拜三 láihbaai sāam
Thursday禮拜四 láihbaai sei
Friday禮拜五 láihbaai ńgh
Saturday禮拜六 láihbaai luhk

Months in Cantonese Language

January一月 yāt'yuht
February二月 yih'yuht
March三月 sāam'yuht
April四月 seiyuht
May五月 ńgh'yuht
June六月 luhk'yuht
July七月 chāt'yuht
August八月 baat'yuht
September九月 gáuyuht
October十月 sahpyuht
November十一月 sahpyāt'yuht
December十二月 sahpyih'yuht

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