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Do you know precisely what to mention if you end up having problems in Catalan? You may be in a situation where someone is bothering you or you had missing your handbag inside a nation where they converse in Catalan. Learn More

You don’t have to be concerned. We compiled a list of Catalan words and phrases which you can use in a crisis. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Catalan Language

Help!Ajuda! Auxili! (uh-ZHOO-thuh! ow-KSEE-lee!)
Leave me alone.Deixa'm en pau! (DAY-shuhm uhn POW!)
Don't touch me!No em toquis! (nom-TOH-kees)
I'll call the police.Trucaré a la policia. (troo-kuh-REH luh poo-lee-SEE-uh)
Police!Policia! (poo-lee-SEE-uh)
Stop! Thief!Al lladre! (ahl LLYAH-druh!)
I need help.Necessito la teva ajuda. (nuh-suh-SSEE-too luh TEH-buh uh-ZHOO-thuh)
It's an emergency.És una emergència. (Ehs OO-nuh uh-muhr-ZHEHN-syuh)
I'm lost.Estic perdut/perduda. (man/woman). (EHS-teek puhr-THOOT/EHS-teek puhr-THOO-thuh)
I lost my bag.He perdut la meva bossa. (eh puhr-THOOT luh MEH-buh BOH-ssuh)
I lost my wallet.He perdut la meva cartera. (eh puhr-THOOT luh MEH-buh kuhr-TEH-ruh)
I'm sick.Estic malalt/malalta (man/woman) (ehs-TEEK muh-LAHL/ehs-TEEK muh-LAHL-tuh)
I've been injured.Estic ferit/ferida. (man/woman)(ehs-TEEK fuh-REET/fuh-REE-thuh)
I need a doctor.Necessito un metge. (nuh-ssuh-SSEE-too oon MEHT-zhuh)
Can I use your phone?Puc utilitzar el seu telèfon? (pook oo-tee-leet-ZAH uhl seh-oo tuh-LEH-foon?)
The Fire DepartmentEl Departament de Bombers: (uhl thuh-puhr-tuh-MEHN thuh boom-BEHS)

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