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How do we say the Days of the week in Catalan language

When you are traveling in Spain and a person questions you in Catalan “what day is it today?” you will have to understand how to advise the days of the week in Catalan easily and quickly. What if someone asks “when am I going to meet you again?” You ought to write the time in Catalan maybe. Take advantage of our day terms in Catalan under to find out the full week days in Catalan. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Catalan

todayavui (uh-BWEE)
yesterdayahir (uh-EE)
tomorrowdemà (duh-MAH)
this weekaquesta setmana (uh-KEH-stuh saht-MAH-nuh)
last weekla setmana passada (luh saht-MAH-nuh pah-SAH-thuh)
next weekla setmana que ve (luh saht-MAH-nuh kuh beh)
MondayDilluns (dee-LYOONS)
TuesdayDimarts (dee-MAHRS)
WednesdayDimecres (dee-MEH-kruhs)
ThursdayDijous (dee-ZHOH-oos)
FridayDivendres (dee-BEHN-druhs)
SaturdayDissabte (dee-SSAHP-tuh)
SundayDiumenge (dee-oo-MEHN-zhuh)

Months in Catalan Language

JanuaryGener (zhuh-NEH)
FebruaryFebrer (fuh-BREH)
MarchMarç (mahrs)
AprilAbril (uh-BREEL)
MayMaig (mahch)
JuneJuny (ZHOO-nn)
JulyJuliol (zhoo-lee-OHL)
AugustAgost (uh-GOHST)
SeptemberSetembre (suh-TEHM-bruh)
OctoberOctubre (ook-TOO-bruh)
NovemberNovembre (noo-BEHM-bruh)
DecemberDesembre (duh-ZEHM-bruh)

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