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About Common Croatian Phrases in English For Travellers

Croatian is truly a Inspiring language. This originally came from Croatia yet spoken in lots of areas across the world. Places and states that speak Croatian does include Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana in North America; former Croatian colonies in North Africa and West Africa; Haiti and Martinique in the Caribbean; Croatian Guiana in South America; Tahiti and various other islands in Oceania. Learn More

Croatian has long been implemented as the language of worldwide diplomacy and conversation, and even though replaced largely by English since World War II, this stays culturally very important, desired by etiquette, for educated people internationally to receive some level of basic Croatian skill.

Learn to Speak Croatian Language Phrases

Do you wish to figure out how to speak in Croatian language, as a beginner? Or perhaps ought to remember the Croatian sentences you had experienced long time ago? From navigating around on trains and buses to ordering meals in a new local restaurant in Croatia as well as any region where they converse in the Croatian Language, find out the essential Croatian words listed here to make your getaway simpler.

Croatian Language Words

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Hello. (informal) Bok (bohk) or Bog (bog - literally means God, but this one is almost never used).
How are you? Kako ste? (formal) (KAH-koh steh?)
How are you? Kako si? (informal) (KAH-koh see?)
Fine, thank you. Dobro sam, hvala. (DOH-broh sahm, HVAH-lah)
Please. Molim. (MOH-leem)
Thank you. Hvala. (HVAH-lah)
Thank you very muchHvala lijepa. (HVAh-lah LYEH-pah)
You're welcome. Nema na čemu. (NEH-mah na CHEH-moo)or Molim. (MO-leem)
Yes. Da. (da)
No. Ne. (ne)
Good morning. Dobro jutro. (DOH-broh YOO-troh)
Good afternoon. Dobar dan. (DOH-bahr dahn)
Good evening. Dobra večer. (DOH-brah VEH-cher)
Good night. Laku noć. (LAH-koo notch)
Good night (to sleep) Laku noć. (LAH-koo nohch)
Excuse me. (getting attention) Oprostite. (oh-PROHS-tee-teh)
Excuse me. (begging pardon) Pardon. (par-DON) / I'm sorry. ("expressing condolence"): Žao mi je. (zhow mee yeh)
Goodbye Doviđenja (doh-vee-JEH-nyah) or Zbogom (ZBOH-gohm).
Goodbye (informal) Doviđenja (doh-vee-JEH-nyah) or Bok. (bok)
What is your name? Kako se zovete? (formal) (KAH-koh seh ZOH-veh-teh)
What is your name? Kako se zoveš? (informal) (KAH-koh seh ZOH-vehsh)
My name is ______ . Zovem se ______ . (ZOH-vehm seh____.)/I am _____. : Ja sam ______. (yah sahm____.)
Nice to meet you. Drago mi je. (DRAH-goh mee yeh)
Mrs. Gospođa (GOS-poh-jah)
Mr. Gospodin (gos-POH-deen)
Miss Gospođica (GOS-poh-jee-tsah)
I speak a little Croatian. Govorim malo hrvatski. (GOH-voh-reem MAH-loh HUHR-vahts-kee)
I can't speak Croatian [well]. Ne govorim (dobro) hrvatski. (neh GOH-voh-reem DOH-broh HUHR-vahts-kee)
Do you speak English? Govorite li engleski? (formal) (goh-VOH-ree-teh lee EN-gless-kee); Govoriš (li) engleski? (informal) (goh-VOH-reesh (lee) EN-gless-kee)
Is there someone here who speaks English? Govori li ovdje netko engleski? (GOH-voh-ree lee OHV-dyeh NEH-tkoh EN-gless-kee)
Help! Upomoć! (OO-poh-mohch)
Look out! Pazite! (formal) (PAH-zee-teh); Pazi! (informal) (PAH-zee)
I understand. Razumijem. (rah-ZOO-meeyem)
I don't understand. Ne razumijem. (neh rah-ZOO-meeyehm)
Where is the toilet? Gdje se nalazi nužnik?

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