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Czech is known as a Beautiful language. This started in Czech Republic although spoken in a range of places internationally. Places and countries that speak Czech does include Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana in North America; former Czech colonies in North Africa and West Africa; Haiti and Martinique in the Caribbean; Czech Guiana in South America; Tahiti and numerous other islands in Oceania. Learn More

Czech is certainly used as the language of foreign diplomacy and communication, and even though substituted usually by English since World War II, this continues socially imperative, required by etiquette, for professional individuals internationally to own some level of basic Czech knowledge.

Learn to Speak Czech Language Phrases

Do you want to figure out how to converse in Czech language, when just beginning? Or possibly need to remember the Czech phrases you had mastered long time ago? From making your way around on trains and buses to purchasing dinner in a new local restaurant in Czech Republic or just about any region where they talk the Czech Language, understand the essential Czech words on this site to make your holiday better.

Czech Language Words

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Hello.Dobrý den. (DOH-bree dehn)
Hello. (informal)Ahoj. (ahoy)
How are you? (formal)Jak se máte? (yahk seh MAA-teh?)
How are you? (informal)Jak se máš? (yahk seh MAA-sh?)
Fine, thank you.Dobře, děkuji. (DOH-brzheh, DYEH-koo-yih.)
What is your name?Jak se jmenuješ? (yahk seh YMEH-noo-yehsh?)
My name is ______ .Jmenuji se ______ . (YMEH-noo-ee seh _____.)
Nice to meet you.Těší mě. (TYEH-shee myeh.)
Please.Prosím (Proseem)
Thank you.Děkuji. (Dyekooyih.)
You're welcome.Rádo se stalo. (Raado seh stulo.)
Yes.Ano. (AH-noh.)
No.Ne. (neh.)
Excuse me, I am sorry. (getting attention)Promiňte (PROH-mih-nyteh)
I'm sorry.Je mi to líto. (yeh mee toh LEE-toh)
GoodbyeNa shledanou (NAHSH-leh-dah-noh)
I can't speak Czech [well].Neumím [moc dobře] mluvit česky (Neh-oomeem [mots dobrzheh] mloovit cheskee.)
Do you speak English?Mluvíte anglicky? (Mlooveeteh unglitskee?)
Is there someone here who speaks English?Je tady někdo, kdo mluví anglicky? (Yeh tuhdih nyegdo gdo mloovee uhnglitskee?)
Help!Pomoc! (POH-mohts!)
Look out!Pozor! (Pozor!)
Good morning.Dobré ráno (DOH-brehh RAHH-noh)
Good evening.Dobrý večer (DOH-bree VEH-chehr)
Good night.Dobrou noc (DOH-broh nohts)
I don't understand.Nerozumím (NEH-roh-zoo-meem)
Where is the toilet?Kde je záchod? (Gdeh yeh ZAHH-khoht?)

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