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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Czech Language

Need to know how you can voice the actual telephone numbers in Czech? You may want to count up to Twelve in Czech. We have now listed the two written pronunciations of ways to state the numbers in Czech language. We are able to actually present to you the right way to tell you major amounts in Czech successfully. Learn More

List of Numbers in Czech Language

We’ve pretty much all the Czech numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, directly below that you will need to know. More …

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To ensure counting the numbers when it comes to Czech simpler for you, we now have split up the numbers in to smaller sections. Each one of these pages come with a brief video you can view to learn the appropriate pronunciation.
0nula (NOO-lah)
1jeden/jedna/jedno (YEH-dehn/ YEHD-nah/YEHD-noh)
2dva/dvě (dvah/ dvyeh)
3tři (trzhee)
4čtyři (CHTEE-rzhee)
5pět (pyeht)
6šest (shehst)
7sedm (SEH-duhm)
8osm (OH-suhm)
9devět (DEH-vyeht)
10deset (DEH-seht)
11jedenáct (YEH-deh-naatst)
12dvanáct (DVAH-naatst)
13třináct (TRZHEE-naatst)
14čtrnáct (CHTR-naatst)
15patnáct (PAHT-naatst)
16šestnáct (SHEST-naatst)
17sedmnáct (SEH-duhm-naatst)
18osmnáct (OH-suhm-naatst)
19devatenáct (DEH-vah-teh-naatst)
20dvacet (DVAH-tseht)
21dvacet jedna (DVAH-tseht YEHD-nah)
22dvacet dva (DVAH-tseht dvah)
23dvacet tři (DVAH-tseht trzhih)
30třicet (TRZHIH-tseht)
40čtyřicet (CHTIH-rzhih-tseht)
42čtyřicet dva (CHTIH-rzhih-tseht dvah)
50padesát (PAH-deh-saat)
60šedesát (SHEH-deh-saat)
70sedmdesát (SEH-duhm-deh-saat)
80osmdesát (OH-suhm-deh-saat)
90devadesát (DEH-vah-deh-saat)
100sto (stoh)
175sto sedmdesát pět (stoh SEH-duhm-deh-saat pyeht)
200dvě stě (dvyeh styeh)
300tři sta (trzhih stah)
1000tisíc (TIH-seehts)
2000dva tisíce (dvah TIH-see-tseh)
3758tři tisíce sedm set padesát osm (trzhih TEE-see-tseh sehdm seht PAH-deh-saat ohsm)
1,000,000milion (MIH-lyohn)
1,000,000,000miliarda (MIH-lyahr-dah)
1,000,000,000,000bilion (BIH-lyohn)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)číslo _____ (CHEES-loh)
halfpůl (pool)
less (than)méně (než) (MEHH-nyeh (nehzh))
more (than)více (než) (VEE-tseh (nehzh))

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