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About the Colours in Danish

If you are thinking to go on a shopping spree in Denmark or a Danish speaking region, be sure to master the colours in Danish language. Names of colours in Danish will come in incredibly handy while you are seeking for additional choices in a number of merchandise your are planning to order. Learn More

On this web content, it is simple to quickly learn how to reveal the names of various colours in Danish. We hope that by examining and understanding the Danish color chart down below, it will be straightforward to tell more or less all the actual most important colours in Danish.
Danish Language Words

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Danish Colours List

black sort (Sword)
white hvid (Vid)
gray grå (Gr'oh)
red rød (Roll)
blue blå (Blow)
yellow gul (Gool)
green grøn (Gron')
orange orange (Oran'shay)
purple lilla (Leela)
brown brun (Broon)

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