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About Danish Consonants Chart

Wish to know what are the consonants present in Danish language? In articulatory phonetics, the Danish consonant is really a speech sound which is articulated by using full or perhaps partial closure within the vocal tract. The word consonant is additionally employed to relate to a letter of the Danish alphabet which implies a consonant sound. Learn More

Danish Consonants Chart

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Danish Consonants in Alphabet

b as in bed, and wick between vowels and at the end of words
c as k, but sing before e or i
d as in dead, the after vowels, silent after l, n or r and before t or s
f as in ferry
g as in ­gone, but like y as in yet after a vowel
h as in hope, hv = v, hj = j
j as in yes
k as in kick, and go between vowels and at the end of a syllable 
l as in lake
m as in many
n as in near
p as in parry, bit between vowels and at the end of a syllable
qu like English
r is a rolling sound at the back of the throat, silent after vowels and before consonants
s as in smell
t as in trout and dog between vowels, at the end of a syllable and at the end of a word
v as in viking, and hoot at the end of words

Danish Diphthongs in Alphabet

Click on the hyperlinks below to view a list of useful Danish holiday words which you’ll find arranged by category. For each travel word or phrase in Danish, you will find the actual English interpretation.

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