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Alphabet in Estonian Language

Understanding the Estonian alphabet is vital to learn the Estonian Language. Estonian alphabet composition is applied in a day-to-day conversation. With out the Estonian alphabet, it is impossible to say the Estonian terms properly even if you can write those words in Estonian. Learn More

As with any language, the far better you articulate a letter in a word, the better understood you will be in conversing in the Estonian language. Listed here are links that directs you to the Estonian alphabet and exactly how it really is pronounced in English.
Estonian Language Words

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Vowels in Estonian Alphabet

alike a in father
elike e in get
ilike ee in flee
olike o in order
ulike oo in moon
älike a in hat
ölike German ö, similar to e in her
ülike German ü, similar to ew in few
õa uniquely Estonian sound pronounced with the tongue in the same position as the o sound, but with lips unrounded; kind of halfway between the e in get and the u in hung. The closest sound in English is the "i" in "cousin" or "ai" in "bargain"
The duration of vowel sounds can be short, long, or overlong, depending on the word. Short vowels are written with one letter, long and overlong vowels with two. Overlong vowels often change the
pitch or stress of the syllable as well as the duration. There is no written distinction between long and overlong vowels. Example:
short sada (SAH-dah) →one hundred
long saada (SAAH-dah) → send!
overlong saada (SAAAH-dah) → to get

Consonants in Estonian Alphabet

clike ts in hats
hsilent at the beginning of a word; before a vowel like English h; before a consonant harshly pronounced guttural h
jlike y in yes
qlike k in kitchen
rtrilled, like Spanish rr
slike s in soap
šlike sh in shoe
žlike s in measure
wlike v in very
xlike x in excite [ks sound]
b d f g k l m n p t v y zpronounced as in English
Consonants can appear doubled, such as kk, pp, tt, etc.They are pronounced by inserting a glottal stop or prolonging the duration of the consonant.

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Estonian Alphabet

aeas the 'ie' in "diet" [two sounds]
aias the 'ai' in "aisle"
äeas the 'ae' in "aesthetic"
eias the 'ay' in "play"

The first syllable of a word is always stressedExcept in some foreign words such as Ameerika (ah-MEHH-ree-kah).

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