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About Estonian Consonants Chart

Want to know what are the consonants when it comes to Estonian language? In articulatory phonetics, the Estonian consonant is a speech sound that’s articulated using complete or partial closure within the vocal tract. The word consonant can also be employed to make reference to a letter of a Estonian alphabet which indicates a consonant sound. Learn More

Estonian Consonants Chart

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Estonian Consonants in Alphabet

clike ts in hats
hsilent at the beginning of a word; before a vowel like English h; before a consonant harshly pronounced guttural h
jlike y in yes
qlike k in kitchen
rtrilled, like Spanish rr
slike s in soap
šlike sh in shoe
žlike s in measure
wlike v in very
xlike x in excite [ks sound]
b d f g k l m n p t v y zpronounced as in English
Consonants can appear doubled, such as kk, pp, tt, etc.They are pronounced by inserting a glottal stop or prolonging the duration of the consonant.

Estonian Diphthongs in Alphabet

aeas the 'ie' in "diet" [two sounds]
aias the 'ai' in "aisle"
äeas the 'ae' in "aesthetic"
eias the 'ay' in "play"

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