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About the Colours in Filipino

When you find yourself considering to go on a shopping spree in Philippines or a Filipino speaking place, remember to master the colours in Filipino language. The names of colors in Filipino will come in extremely helpful while you are looking for greater choices in numerous items your are contemplating to purchase. Learn More

As a result of this particular web page, you’ll be able to know how to say the names of different colours in Filipino. We hope by examining and learning the Filipino color chart beneath, you are able to determine many of typically the most important colors in Filipino.
Filipino Language Words

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Filipino Colours List

blackitim (ee-TEEM)
whiteputi (pooh-TEE)
redpula (pooh-LAH)
grayabo (ah-boh)
orangekahel (ka-HEL)
yellowdilaw (dee-LAO)
greenberde (BER-de), luntian (loon-TEE-ahn)
blueasul (ah-SOOL), bughaw (boog-HOW)
purpleube (OOH-beh), lila (LEE-la)
pinkpink, rosa (ROH-sa)
brownbrown, tsokolate (cho-ko-LAH-teh) (for objects); kayumanggi (kah-yoo-MANG-gee), moreno (for skin color) (moh-REH-noh)
goldginto (geen-TOH)

Select the hyperlinks directly below to check out a list of beneficial Filipino travel words which are arranged by theme. For every holiday word or phrase in Filipino, there’ll be the actual English translation.

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