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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Filipino Language

Would like to know tips on how to pronounce the contact numbers in Filipino? You might need to add up to 10 in Filipino. You’ll find included both written pronunciations of how to express the figures in Filipino language. We can easily also provide you with ways to tell you great figures in Filipino successfully. Learn More

List of Numbers in Filipino Language

We have now all the Filipino numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you will want to find out. More …

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To ensure counting the particular numbers in Filipino simpler, we have now broken down the numbers in to scaled-down portions. Every one of these internet pages have a quick video tutorial you can view to learn the correct pronunciation.
Note: Tagalog always refers to what's burning and not the flames. Fire (controlled or in abstract)In some cases Spanish numbers (with Filipino spelling) are used.
0sero (SEH-roh)
1isá, uno (ee-SAH, OO-noh), piso(for currency, not isang piso)(pee-so)
2dalawá, dos (dah-lah-WAH, dohs), dalawang piso(for currency)
3tatlo, tres (taht-LOH, trehs), tatlong piso(for currency)
4apat, kuwatro (AH-paht, koo-wah-TROH) apat na piso(for currency)
5limá, singko (lee-MAH, SEENG-koh), limang piso(for currency)
6anim, sais (AH-neem, says), anim na piso(for currency)
7pito, siyete (PEE-toh, SYEH-teh), pitong piso(for currency)
8walo, otso (WAH-loh, OHT-soh), walong piso(for currency)
9siyam, nuwebe (SEE-yahm, noo-WEH-beh), siyam na piso(for currency)
10sampu, diyes (SAHM-poo, dyehs), sampung piso(for currency)
11labing-isa, onse (LAH-beeng-EE-sah, OHN-seh), onse pesos(for currency)(OHN-seh peh-sos)
12labing-dalawa, dose (LAH-beeng-dah-LAH-wah, DOH-seh), dose pesos(for currency)
13labing-tatlo, trese (LAH-beeng-taht-LOH, TREH-seh), trese pesos(for currency)
14labing-apat, katorse (lah-beeng-AH-paht, kah-tohr-SEH), katorse pesos(for currency)
15labing-lima (lah-beeng lee-mah), kinse pesos(for currency)(keen-seh peh-sos)
16labing-anim (lah-beeng ah-neem), diesisais pesos(for currency)(diyes see-sah-is peh-sos)
17labing-pito (lah-beeng pee-to), disisyete pesos(for currency)(dees-see-sye-TEH peh-sos)
18labing-walo (lah-beeng wah-lo), disiocho pesos(for currency)
19labing-siyam (la-beeng-SHAM), disinueve pesos(for currency)
20dalawampu (da-la-wam-POO), beinte pesos or dalawangpung piso(for currency)
21dalawampu't isa (da-la-wam-POOT ee-sah), beinte uno pesos(for currency)
22dalawampu't dalawa (da-la-wam-POOT dah-lah-WAH), bente dos pesos(for currency) (ben-teh peh-sos)
23dalawampu't tatlo (da-la-wam-POOT tat-LO), bente tres pesos(for currency)
30tatlumpu (tat-loom-POO): trenta pesos(for currency) (tren-tah peh-sos)
40apatnapu(ah-pat-nah-POO) : kwarenta pesos(for currency)(kwaren-tah peh-sos)
50limampu(lee-mam-POO) : singkwenta pesos (for currency)(singkwen-tah peh-sos)
60animnapu (ah-neem-nah-POO): sisenta pesos (for currency)(seesen-tah peh-sos)
70pitumpu (pee-toom-POO): sitenta pesos(for currency)(seeten-tah peh-sos)
80walumpu(wah-loom-POO): otsenta pesos (for currency)(otsen-tah peh-sos)
90siyamnapu(sham-nah-POO): nobenta pesos (for currency)(noben-tah peh-sos)
100isang daan (eesang DAH-ahn), isang daang piso(for currency)
200dalawang daan (dah-lah-wang DAH-ahn), dalawang daang piso(for currency)(dah-lah-wang pee-so)
300tatlong daan (tat-long DAH-ahn), tatlong daang piso(for currency)
400apat na daan (ah-pat na DAH-ahn), apat na daang piso(for currency)
500limang daan (lee-mang DAH-ahn), limang daang piso(for currency)
600anim na raan(a-neem na rah-AHN), anim na daang piso(for currency)
700pitong daan(pee-tong DAH-ahn), pitong daang piso(for currency)
800walong daan(WAH-long DAH-ahn), walong daang piso(for currency)
900siyam na raan (SEE-yahm sahn-DAH-ahn), siyam na raang piso(for currency)
1000isang libo (EE-sahng LEE-boh), isang libong piso(for currency)
2000dalawang libo (dah-LAH-wahng LEE-boh), dalawang daang piso(for currency)
1,000,000isang milyon (EE-sahng MEE-lyohn), isang milyong piso(for currency)
1,000,000,000isang libong milyon (EE-sahng LEE-bohng MEE-lyohn) for British English, isang bilyon (EE-sahng BEE-lyohn) for American English, isang bilyong (for currency)
1,000,000,000,000isang bilyon (EE-sahng BEE-lyohn) for British English, isang trilyon (EE-sahng TREE-lyohn) for American English
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)bilang _____ (BEE-lang) : numero _____ (noo-MEH-roh) (usually with a Spanish number, e.g. numero uno, (noo-MEH-roh OO-noh) number one)
halfkalahati (kah-lah-HAHN-tee)
lesskaunti (kah-OON-tee) or konti (KOHN-tee)
moremadami (mah-DAH-mee) or marami (mah-RAH-mee)
For numbers above 10, Spanish is frequently used.

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