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When you are in Finland or a Finnish speaking region, ever wondered how to tell the time in Finnish? Telling the time in Finnish depends upon learning the Finnish numbers and certain rules regarding the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Finnish. Learn More

Within this webpage, you’ll learn easily how one can tell the time in Finnish while using subsequent terms for:
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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Finnish Language

nownyt (NUUT)
latermyöhemmin (MUU-eu-hehm-meen)
beforeennen (EHN-nehn)
morningaamu (AH-moo)
afternooniltapäivä (EEL-tah-pigh-va)
eveningilta (EEL-tah)
nightyö (UU-eu)

Need to learn the simplest way to say five o-clock in Finnish? Make use of the terms below to help you tell the present time on the clock in Finnish.
The 24-hour clock is commonly used in Finland.
one o'clock AMkello yksi aamulla (KEHL-loh UUK-see AHM-mool-lah)
kello yksi aamulla (KEHL-loh UUK-see AHM-mool-lah)two o'clock AM
two o'clock AMkello kaksi aamulla (KEHL-loh KAHK-see AHM-mool-lah)
kello kaksi aamulla (KEHL-loh KAHK-see AHM-mool-lah)noon
noonkello kaksitoista or keskipäivä (KEHS-kee-pigh-va)
kello kaksitoista or keskipäivä (KEHS-kee-pigh-va)one o'clock PM
one o'clock PMkello kolmetoista (KEHL-loh KOHL-meh-tois-tah)
kello kolmetoista (KEHL-loh KOHL-meh-tois-tah)two o'clock PM
two o'clock PMkello neljätoista (KEHL-loh NEHL-ya-tois-tah)
kello neljätoista (KEHL-loh NEHL-ya-tois-tah)midnight
midnightkeskiyö (KEHS-kee-uu-eu)

Make use of the elementary Finnish phrases to know the time duration like a Year, Week and a Calendar month in Finnish language.
_____ minute(s)_____ minuutti(a) (MEE-noot-tee-[ah])
_____ hour(s)_____ tunti(a) (TOON-tee-[ah])
_____ day(s)_____ päivä(ä) (PIGH-va[a])
_____ week(s)_____ viikko(a) (VEEK-koh-[ah])
_____ month(s)_____ kuukausi / kuukautta (KOO-kow-see / KOO-kowt-tah)
_____ year(s)_____ vuosi / vuotta (VOO-oh-see / VOO-oh-tah)

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