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About Getting Directions in French Language

When travelling in France or any country where many people talk in French, do you know the best way to your desired destination? Travelling in French-speaking areas is often fantastic and also amazing. Learn More

Nonetheless, it is always good to know ways to request directions in French and to really know what you are told. French Phrases For Direction
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This valuable French vocab under will help you understand directions in French.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in French

Where is _____?Où se trouve _____? (oo suh tr-OO-v _____)
...the train station?...la gare? (lah gahr?)
...the bus station?...la gare routière? (lah gahr roo-TYEHR?)
...the airport?...l'aéroport? (lehr-oh-POR?)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British embassy?...l'ambassade americaine/canadienne/australienne/anglaise? (lahm-bah-SAHD a-may-ree-KEN/ka-na-DYEN/os-trah-lee-EN/ahn-GLEZ)

Click on the hyperlinks below to check out a number of beneficial French travel key phrases which you’ll find arranged by theme. For every travel word or phrase in French, there’ll be the actual English interpretation.

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