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About the Colours in Georgian

When you’re thinking to take a shopping spree in Georgia or a Georgian speaking region, don’t forget to master the colours in Georgian language. Names of colors in Georgian comes in pretty useful when you are seeking for a bit more options in numerous products your are contemplating to shop for. Learn More

From this particular website, you can certainly know how to say the names of several colours in Georgian. We hope by reading and learning the Georgian color chart beneath, you are able to tell most of typically the most important colours in Georgian.
Georgian Language Words

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Georgian Colours List

blackშავი (shah-vee)
whiteთეთრი (teh-tree)
grayნაცრისფერი (nahts-rees-peh-ree)
redწითელი (ts'ee-teh-lee)
blueლურ­ჯი (loor-jee)
yellowყვითელი (q'vee-teh-lee)
greenმწვანე (mts'vah-neh)
orangeფორთოხალი (pohr-toh-khah-lee)
purpleმეწამული (meh-ts'ah-moo-lee)
brownყა­ვის­ფე­რი (q'ah-vees-peh-ree)

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