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Georgian Phrases to Get Around

Before you go on your next trip to Georgia or any Georgian speaking region, it’s a great idea to review many important Georgian travel terminology along with expressions. Regardless if this new language just isn’t your strong suit, and you are sure many people is not able to get around by with just English. Learn More

Knowing a couple of travel related terms in Georgian for getting trains and figuring out how much is the ticket in Georgian will go a long way in aiding your communication with the residents, especially with those of an older era who are significantly less accustomed to English language. More..
Georgian Language Words

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Getting Bus and Trains in Georgian

MarshrutkaStop (to let me off)გააჩერეთ (gah-ah-cheh-reht)
How much is a ticket to ____?
One ticket to ____, please.
Where does this train/bus go?
Where is the train/bus to ____?
Does this train/bus stop in ____?
When does the train/bus for ____ leave?
When will this train/bus arrive in ____?

Select the links below to view a list of helpful Georgian holiday words and phrases which you’ll find organized by category. For each travel word or phrase in Georgian, you will notice the actual English interpretation.

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