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If you’re in Israel or maybe a Hebrew speaking region, ever wondered how you can tell the actual time in Hebrew? Telling the time in Hebrew is dependant on comprehending the Hebrew numbers as well as some rules regarding the hours, minutes and seconds in Hebrew. Learn More

In this web site, you’ll find out quickly how one can tell the time in Hebrew with all the following sentences for:
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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Hebrew Language

Todayהיום (hayom - hah-YOHM)
Yesterdayאתמול (etmol - et-MOHL)
Tomorrowמחר (mahar - mah-KHAHR)
The day before yesterdayשלשום (shilshom - shil-SHOHM)
The day after tomorrowמחרתיים (mahratayim - makh-rah-TAH-yeem)

Need to learn the simplest way to say 6 o-clock in Hebrew? Make use of the key phrases underneath to help you tell the existing time on the clock in Hebrew.

Take advantage of the elementary Hebrew phrases to know the time period such as a Year, Week and a Four week period in Hebrew language.
Dayיום (yom - yom)
Weekשבוע (shavua[`] - shah-VOOah)
Monthחודש (hodesh - KHO-desh)
Yearשנה (shanah - shah-NAH)
Hourשעה (sha`ah - shah-AH)
Minuteדקה (daqah - dah-KAH)
Secondשניה (shniyah - shnee-YAH)
Timeזמן (zman - zmahn)

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