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How to say money in Hungarian

Would like to know the Hungarian term cash? now we have listed here a summary of Hungarian money associated terms you might be wanting whenever visiting in Hungarian speaking places. Learn More

Travelling is normally very costly, for that reason it is essential to get a fine knowledge of Hungarian words and phrases for your money relevant points like for example trading money and banking. More Info
Hungarian Language Words

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Every single country everywhere has its own fiscal system. Dealing with cash in Hungarian speaking cities is the most common banking necessity for travelers. For this reason, it is vital that you get the most for your money by getting informed about these typical money words in Hungarian.

Dealing With Money in Hungarian

You will discover a list of Hungarian phrases that can be used whenever dealing with money in Hungary or even when shopping for anything at all in stores.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Elfogadnak amerikai/ausztrál/kanadai dollárt? (EL-fo-gåd-nåk Å-me-ri-kå-i/Å-oust-ral/KÅ-nå-då-i DOL-lart)
Do you accept British pounds?Elfogadnak angol fontot? (EL-fo-gåd-nåk ÅN-gol FONT-ot)
Do you accept Euros?Elfogadnak eurót? (EL-fo-gåd-nåk YOU-rot)
Do you accept credit cards?Elfogadnak hitelkártyát? (EL-fo-gåd-nåk HI-tel-kart-yat)
Can you change money for me?Válthatok Önnél pénzt? (VALT-hå-tok ØN-neyl peynzt)
Where can I get money changed?Hol válthatok pénzt? (hol VALT-hå-tok peynzt)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Be tudna váltani utazási csekket a számomra? (be TOUD-nå VALT-å-ni OU-tå-za-shi CHEK-ket å SA-mom-rå)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Hol tudok beváltani utazási csekket? (hol TOU-dok BE-valt-å-ni OU-tå-za-shi CHEK-ket)
What is the exchange rate?Mi az árfolyam? (mi åz AR-fo-yåm)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?Hol van bankautomata (ATM)? (hol vån BÅNK-å-ou-to-må-tå (AAH-teeh-em))

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