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Dealing With Authorities in Korean Language

When you find yourself traveling in Korea or maybe any destination where they communicate in Korean and you’re in an emergency situation, experiencing authorities for example the police in Korean can be challenging. You have got to learn at the very least the standard Korean sentences intended for urgent matters that may help you speak to your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Korean Phrases For Emergencies

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I haven't done anything wrong.저는 잘못한 것이 없습니다. (jeoneun jalmotan geosi eopsseumnida)
It was a misunderstanding.그것은 오해였습니다. (geugeoseun ohaeyeosseumnida)
Where are you taking me?저를 어디로 데려가십니까? (jeoreul eodiro deryeogasimnikka?)
Am I under arrest?저는 체포됩니까? (jeoneun chepodoemnikka?)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.저는 미국/호주/영국/캐나다 국민입니다. (jeoneun miguk/hoju/yeongguk/kaenada gungminimnida)
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.미국/호주/영국/캐나다 대사관/영사관 에 이야기하고 싶습니다. (miguk/hoju/yeongguk/kaenada daesagwan/yeongsagwan e iyagihago sipseumnida)
I want to talk to a lawyer.변호사에게 이야기하고 싶습니다. (byeonhosa-ege iyagihago sipseumnida)
Can I just pay a fine now?지금 벌금을 내도 되겠습니까? (jigeum beolgeumeul naedo doegesseumnikka?)

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