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About Ordering Food in Korean

Hungry? How to go about buying meals in Korean? These include some of the questions you’ll have when visiting in a Korean speaking place. Learn More

Regardless if you are going to live in a Korean speaking country or going on a brief break there, learning how to buy meals in Korean is very important. Eating out at Korean restaurants and cafes generally is a lot of fun, particularly if you know some rudimentary Korean restaurant words. More …
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Now we have outlined quite a few standard meal applicable words in Korean, here, hoping they may assist you when you are getting dinner in Korean.

Speaking Korean When Eating Out

Simply click here to read the Korean meal phrases simply that can be used for purchasing meals in Korean eating places and cafes.

A table for one person/two people, please.한 사람/두 사람 테이블 부탁합니다. (han saram/du saram teibeul butakamnida)
Can I look at the menu, please?메뉴를 봐도 되겠습니까? (menyureul bwado doegesseumnikka?)
Can I look in the kitchen?부엌을 봐도 되겠습니까? (bu-eokkeul bwado doegesseumnikka?)
Is there a house specialty?이 집의 특별 요리가 있습니까? (i jibui teukbyeol yeoriga isseumnikka?)
Is there a local specialty?이 지역의 특별 요리가 있습니까? (i jiyeogui teukbyeol yeoriga isseumnikka?)
I'm a vegetarian.저는 채식주의자입니다. (jeoneun chaesikjuuijaimnida)
I don't eat pork.저는 돼지고기를 먹지 않습니다. (jeoneun dwaejigogireul meokji anseumnida)
I don't eat beef.저는 소고기를 먹지 않습니다. (jeoneun sogogireul meokji anseumnida)
I only eat kosher food.저는 유대인 음식만 먹습니다. (jeoneun yudaein eumsingman mokseumnida)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)기름을/버터를 조금만 넣어주시겠습니까? (gireumeul/butturreul jogeumman nouer-jusi-gesseumigga?)
fixed-price meal정가 음식 (jeongga eumsik)
à la carte... (..)
breakfast아침 식사 (achim siksa)
lunch점심 식사 (jeomsim siksa)
tea (meal)차 (cha)
supper저녁 식사 (jeonyeok siksa)
I want _____.저는 _____을 원합니다. (jeoneun _____eul wonhamnida)
I want a dish containing _____.저는 _____을/를 포함하는 요리를 먹고 싶습니다. (jeoneun ____eul/reul pohamhaneun yorireul meokgo sipsumnida)
chicken닭고기/치킨 (dalgogi/chikin)
beef소고기 (sogogi)
fish생선 (saengseon)
ham햄 (haem)
sausage소세지 (soseji)
cheese치즈 (chijeu)
eggs달걀/계란 (dalgyal/gyeran)
salad샐러드 (saelleodeu)
(fresh) vegetables(신선한) 야채 ((sinseonhan) yachae)
(fresh) fruit(신선한) 과일 ((sinseonhan) gwa-il)
bread빵 (ppang)
toast토스트 (toseuteu)
noodles국수 (guksu)
rice밥 (bap)
beans콩 (kong)
May I have a glass of _____?_____ 한 잔 주시겠습니까? (____ han jan jusigesseumnikka?)
May I have a cup of _____?_____ 한 컵 주시겠습니까? (____ han keob jusigesseumnikka?)
May I have a bottle of _____?_____ 한 병 주시겠습니까? (____ han byeong jusigesseumnikka?)
coffee커피 (keopi)
tea (drink)차 (cha)
juice주스 (joseu)
(bubbly) water탄산수 (tansansu)
water물 (mul)
beer맥주 (maekju)
red/white wine적/백 포도주 (jeok/baek podoju)
May I have some _____?_____을/를 조금 먹어도 되겠습니까? (____eul/reul jogeum meogeodo doegesseumnikka?)
salt소금 (sogeum)
black pepper후추 (huchu)
butter버터 (beoteo)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)여기요? (Literally, this means "Here." (yeogiyo?)
I'm finished.다 먹었습니다. (da meokeosseumnida)
It was delicious.맛있었습니다. (masisseosseumnida)
Please clear the plates.접시를 치워주십시오. (jeopsireul chiwojusipsiyo)
The check, please.계산서 부탁합니다. (gyesanseo butakamnida)

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