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About Months in Latvian Language

Recognizing the correct way to tell the months in Latvian is very helpful and generally be considered elementary Latvian speech. We now have detailed the months in Latvian language below to help you articulate the months in Latvian. Learn More

List of the Months in Latvian

Latvian Language Words

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Januaryjanvāris (YUHN-vah-rihs)
Februaryfebruāris (FEH-brwah-rihs)
Marchmarts (muhrts)
Aprilaprīlis (UH-pree-lihs)
Maymaijs (maiys)
Junejūnijs (YOO-niys)
Julyjūlijs (YOO-liys)
Augustaugusts (OW-guhsts)
Septemberseptembris (SEHP-tehm-brihs)
Octoberoktobris (OHK-toh-brihs)
Novembernovembris (NOH-vehm-brihs)
Decemberdecembris (DEHT-sehm-brihs)

Click on the links directly below to check out a list of useful Latvian holiday words and phrases which are organized by group. For every holiday phrase in Latvian, you will notice the English interpretation.

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