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A complex speech sound or maybe glide which begins with one Latvian vowel and eventually transforms to another Latvian vowel within the exact same syllable, just as (oi) in boil or (i) in fine. A diphthong when it comes to Latvian language (literally means “two sounds” or “two tones”), also referred to as a gliding vowel. Latvian diphthong is regarded as two neighboring vowel sounds taking place within the similar syllable.
Theoretically, a Latvian diphthong is really a vowel with two varying goals – that’s, your tongue moves in the course of the pronunciation of your vowel. Learn More

Diphthongs present in Latvian language differenciate with monophthongs, where the tongue doesn’t move and only one vowel sound is going to be heard in a syllable. Wherever two adjacent vowel sounds happen in different syllables-for example, in the English term re-elect the outcome is identified as hiatus, not as a diphthong.
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Diphthongs in Latvian Language generally form when different Latvian vowels are operated mutually with regard to fast dialog during a dialogue when it comes to Latvian Language.

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