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In case you are in Latvia or maybe a Latvian speaking state, have you ever wondered the right way to tell the time in Latvian? Telling the actual time in Latvian depends upon comprehending the Latvian numbers as well as some principles regarding the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Latvian. Learn More

In this web page, you will learn quickly the right way to tell the time in Latvian while using subsequent sentences regarding:
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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Latvian Language

The 24 hour clock is used in Latvia.
What time is it?Cik ir pulkstenis? (tsihk ihr PUHLKS-teh-nihs)
What time?Cikos? (TSIH-kohs)
When?Kad? (kahd)
nowtagad (TAH-gahd)
latervēlāk (VAA-lahk)
secondsekunde (SEH-koon-deh)
minuteminūte (MIH-noo-teh)
half an hourpusstunda (PUHSS-tuhn-duh)
hourstunda (STUHN-duh)
morningrīts (reet)
in the morningno rīta (naw reetah)
eveningvakars (VUH-kuhrs)
in the eveningvakarā (VUH-kuh-rah)
nightnakts (nuhkts)

Need to learn the simplest way to say six o-clock in Latvian? Make use of the terms directly below that may help you tell the present time on the clock in Latvian.
one o'clockpulkstens viens (POOLKS-tehns vyehns)
two o'clockpulkstens divi (POOLKS-tehns DIH-vih)
three o'clockpulkstens trīs (POOLKS-tehns trees)
four o'clockpulkstens četri (POOLKS-tehns CHEH-trih)
five o'clockpulkstens pieci (POOLKS-tehns PYEH-tsih)
six o'clockpulkstens seši (POOLKS-tehns SEH-shih)
seven o'clockpulkstens septiņi (POOLKS-tehns SEHP-tih-nyih)
eight o'clockpulkstens astoņi (POOLKS-tehns UHS-toh-nyih )
nine o'clockpulkstens deviņi (POOLKS-tehns DEH-vih-nyih)
ten o'clockpulkstens desmit (POOLKS-tehns DEHS-miht)
eleven o'clockpulkstens vienpadsmit (POOLKS-tehns VYEHN-puhds-miht)
twelve o'clockpulkstens divpadsmit (POOLKS-tehns DIHV-puhds-miht)
quarter to six, 17:45bez piecpadsmit minūtēm seši (behz PYEHTS-pahds-miht MIH-noo-tehm SEH-shih)
quarter past six, 18:15piecpadsmit minūtes pāri sešiem
half past seven, 18:30pusseptiņi

Make use of the simple Latvian phrases to know the time duration for instance a Year, Week and a Four week period when it comes to Latvian language.
_____ minute(s)_____ minūte(s) (MIH-noo-teh)
_____ hour(s)_____ stunda(s) (STOON-dah(s))
_____ day(s)_____ diena(s) (DYEH-nah(s))
_____ week(s)_____ nedēļa(s) (NEH-dehh-lyah(s))
_____ month(s)_____ mēnesis(mēneši) (MEHH-neh-sees(MEHH-neh-shih))
_____ year(s)_____ gads(gadi) (gahds(GAH-dih))

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