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Learn How to Say Numbers in Lithuanian Language

Want to know the way to repeat the telephone numbers in Lithuanian? You may have to add up to Ten in Lithuanian. We now have included each written pronunciations of how to state typically the figures when it comes to Lithuanian language. We can actually show you how you can pronounce great amounts in Lithuanian simply. Learn More

List of Numbers in Lithuanian Language

We’ve all of the the Lithuanian numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you’ll need to learn. More …

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To help make counting the particular numbers found in Lithuanian simpler, we have broken down the numbers in to scaled-down sections. Every one of these pages have a quick video you can view to understand the proper pronunciation.
0nulis (NOO-lihs)
1vienas (VYEh-nahs)
2du (doo)
3trys (trees)
4keturi (keh-too-RIh)
5penki (pehn-KIh)
6šeši (sheh-SHIh)
7septyni (sehp-tee-NIh)
8aštuoni (ahsh-twa-NIh)
9devyni (deh-vee-NIh)
10dešimt (DEH-shihmt)
11Vienuolika (vyeh-NWA-lih-kah)
12Dvylika (DVEE-lih-kah)
13Trylika (TREE-lih-kah)
14Keturiolika (keh-tuh-RYOh-lih-kah)
15Penkiolika (pen-KYOH-lih-kah)
16Šešiolika (sheh-SHYOH-lih-kah)
17Septyniolika (sep-tee-NYOh-lih-kah)
18Aštuoniolika (ahsh-twa-NYOh-lih-kah)
19Devyniolika (deh-vee-NYOh-lih-kah)
20Dvidešimt (DVIh-deh-shihmt)
21Dvidešimt vienas (DVIH-deh-shihmt VYEh-nahs)
30Trisdešimt (TRIHS-deh-shihmt)
40Keturiasdešimt (KEh-too-ryahs-deh-shihmt)
50Penkiasdešimt (PEHh-kyahs-deh-shihmt)
60Šešiasdešimt (SHYAh-shyahs-deh-shihmt)
70Septyniasdešimt (sehp-TEE-nyahs-deh-shihmt)
80Aštuoniasdešimt (ahsh-TWA-nyahs-deh-shihmt)
90Devyniasdešimt (dah-VEE-nyahs-deh-shihmt)
100Šimtas (SHIHM-tahs)
200Du simtai (Doo shim-TUY)
300Trys šimtai (trihs shim-TUY)
400Keturi šimtai (keh-too-RIH shim-TUY)
500Penki šimtai (pen-KIH shim-TUY)
600Šeši šimtai (shyah-SHIH shim-TUY)
700Septyni šimtai (sehp-TEE-nih shim-TUY)
800Aštuoni šimtai (ahsh-TWA-nih shim-TUY)
900Devyni šimtai (deh-VEE-nih shim-TUY)
1000Tūkstantis (TOOKS-tahn-tihs)
5000Penki tūkstančiai (pen-KIH TOOKS-tahn-chuy)
10,000Dešimt tūkstančių (DEH-shimt TOOKS-tahn-chyoo)
1,000,000vienas milijonas (VYEH-nahs mih-lih-YO-nahs)
Note: the endings of the numbers might change according to the gender and the grammar case, for example:
Four boys.Keturi berniukai. (keh-too-RIh behr-NEW-kuy)
Four daughters.Keturios dukros. (KEH-too-ryaws DOOK-raws)
Mother had four daughters.Motina turėjo keturias dukras. (MAWH-tih-nah too-REHH-yaw KEH-too-ryahs DOOK-rahs)

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