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Dealing With Authorities in Lithuanian Language

If you are exploring in Lithuania or perhaps any country where men and women communicate in Lithuanian and you’re in an emergency situation, handling authorities just like the police in Lithuanian could be challenging. You have got to learn no less than the basic Lithuanian terminology when it comes to urgent matters to help you contact your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Lithuanian Phrases For Emergencies

Lithuanian Language Words

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I haven't done anything wrong.Aš nieko blogo nepadariau. (ahsh NYA-kaw BLAW-gaw na-pah-DAH-ryoo)
It was a misunderstanding.Tai buvo nesusipratimas. (tai BOO-vaw neh-soo-sih-prah-TIH-mahs)
Where are you taking me?Kur jūs mane vedate? (koor yoos MAH-na veh-DAH-teh?)
Am I under arrest?Ar aš areštuojamas? (ahr ahsh ah-rash-twoh-YAH-mahs?)
I am an British/American/Australian citizen.Aš esu Didžiosios Britanijos/Amerikos/Australijos pilietis. (ahsh EH-soo dee-JYOH-syaws brih-TAH-niyaws/ameh-RIH-kaws/ows-TRAH-lih-yaws pih-LYA-tihs)
I want to talk to the British/American/Australian embassy/consulate.Aš noriu pasišnekėti su Didžiosios Britanijos/Amerikos/Australijos ambasada/konsulatu. (ahsh NAW-ryoo pah-sihsh-NA-kehh-tih soo dih-JYAW-syaws brih-tah-NIH-yaws/ah-meh-RIH-kaws/ows-TRAH-lih-yaws am-bah-SAH-dah/kohn-soo-LAH-too)
I want to talk to a lawyer.Noriu kalbėtis su advokatu. (NAW-ryoo kahl-BEHH-tihs soo ahd-vaw-KAH-too)
Can I just pay a fine now?Ar galiu dabar tiesiog sumokėti baudą? (ahr ghah-LYOO dah-BAHR tyeh-SYOHGH soo-mh-KEh-tih BOW-dah?)

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