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How to say money in Lithuanian

Would like to know the Lithuanian term money? now we have listed here a directory of Lithuanian cash associated words you could be in need of whenever visiting in Lithuanian speaking regions. Learn More

Going on a vacation is normally very costly, for that reason it is essential to get a good understanding of Lithuanian terminology for your money related issues like for example trading money and business banking. More Info
Lithuanian Language Words

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Just about every country around the world possesses its own money system. Interchanging cash in Lithuanian speaking regions is really the most common banking need for travelers. Hence, it is crucial that you get the most for your money by getting knowledgeable about these basic monetary phrases in Lithuanian.

Dealing With Money in Lithuanian

You will find a listing of Lithuanian phrases that can be used when dealing with money in Lithuania or even when buying anything in shops.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Ar galima atsiskaityti Amerikos/Australijos/Kanados doleriais? (ahr GHAH-lih-mah aht-sihs-kuy-TEE-tih ah-MEh-rih-kaws/ows-TRAh-lih-yos/kah-NAh-daws DAW-la-rays?)
Do you accept British pounds?Ar galima atsiskaityti svarais? (ahr GHAh-lih-mah aht-sihs-kai-TEE-tih SVAh-ruys?)
Do you accept Euros?Ar jūs priimate eurus? (ahr yoos PRIh-ih-mah-teh EHUh-ruhs?)
Do you accept credit cards?Ar priimate kreditines korteles? (ahr PRIh-ih-mah-teh kreh-DIh-tih-nehs kawr-teh-LESS? )
Can you change money for me?Ar galite man iškeisti pinigus? (ahr GHAh-lih-teh mahn ihsh-KAIS-tih PIh-nih-ghuhs?)
Where can I get money changed?Kur galėčiau išsikeisti pinigus? (koor gah-LEHH-chow ihsh-sih-KAIS-tih PIh-nih-ghuhs?)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Ar galite man išgryninti kelionės čekį? (ahr GHAh-lih-teh mahn ihsh-GHREE-nihn-tih keh-LYOh-nehhs CHEh-kee?)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Kur galiu gauti kelionės čekį? (kuhr ghah-LYOO GOW-tih keh-LYAW-nehhs CHEh-kee?)
What is the exchange rate?Koks valiutos keitimo kursas? (kawks vah-LYOO-taws kay-TIh-maw KUHR-sahs)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?Kur yra bankomatas? (koor ee-RAh bahn-koh-MAh-tahs?)

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