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About Ordering Food in Lithuanian

Hungry? How to go about purchasing meals in Lithuanian? These are several of the inquiries you’ll have when visiting in a Lithuanian speaking nation. Learn More

Whether you’re planning to live in a Lithuanian speaking country or going on a short trip there, finding out how to buy food in Lithuanian is very important. Going out at Lithuanian restaurants and bistros can be a lot of fun, particularly if you know some fundamental Lithuanian restaurant vocabulary. More …
Lithuanian Language Words

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We now have detailed a number of common meal relevant phrases in Lithuanian, underneath, hoping they may help you if you are placing your order dinner in Lithuanian.

Speaking Lithuanian When Eating Out

Click here to find out the Lithuanian meals keyword phrases easily you can use for buying food in Lithuanian eating places and coffee shops.

A table for one person/two people, please.Stalą vienam/dviems, prašau. (STAh-lah vyeh-NAHM/dvyehms, prah-SHOW)
Can I look at the menu, please?Gal galėčiau gauti meniu? (ghahl ghah-LEhh-chow GHOW-tih meh-NEW?)
Is there a house specialty?Ar turite firminių patiekalų? (ahr TUh-rih-teh FIHR-mih-new pah-tyeh-kah-LOO?)
Is there a local specialty?Koks jūsų vietinis firminis patiekalas? (kohks YOU-suh VYEh-tih-nihs FIHR-mih-nihs pah-TYEh-kah-lahs?)
I'm a vegetarian.Aš vegataras (vegetarė - for a woman). (ahsh veh-gheh-TAh-rahs (veh-gheh-TAh-rehh))
breakfastpusryčiai (POOS-ree-chai)
lunchpriešpiečiai (if early) (PRYASH-pya-chai), or pietūs (if regular) (PYA-toos)
mealvalgis (vAhl-ghis)
supper/dinnervakarienė (vah-kah-RYA-nehh)
I'd want _____.Aš norėčiau_____. (ahsh naw-REHH-chyow_____)
I want _____.Aš noriu_____. (ahsh NAW-ryoo_____)
I want a dish containing _____.Aš noriu patiekalo kuriame būtų _____. (ahsh NAW-ryoo pah-TYA-kah-law koo-rya-MEh BOO-too____)
chickenvištiena (vihsh-TYA-nah)
beefjautiena (YOW-tya-nah)
porkkiauliena (kyow-LYEh-nah)
meatmėsa (MEHH-sah)
potatoesbulvės (BOOL-vehhs)
fishžuvis (zhuh-VIHS)
cheesesūris (SOO-rihs)
eggskiaušiniai (kyow-SHIh-nay)
saladsalotos (sah-LAW-taws)
(fresh) vegetables(šviežios) daržovės ((SHVYA-zhyaws) dahr-ZHAW-vehhs)
(fresh) fruit(švieži) vaisiai ((SHVYA-zhih) vai-SIH-eye)
breadduona (DWA-nah)
toastskrebutis (skra-BOO-tihs)
pizzapica {PIH-tsah)
noodles / pastamakaronai (mah-kah-RAW-nai)
riceryžiai (RIH-zhih-eye)
beanspupelės (poo-PA-lehhs)
curdvarškė (VAHRSH-kehh)
cottage cheesegrūdėta varškė (groo-DEHH-tah VARSH-kehh)
pancakesblynai/blyneliai (BLIH-nai/blih-NA-lyah-ih) (blynai usually refers to pancakes as main meal, for example, with meat or curd, when blyneliai is more dessert-like)
ice-creamledai (LEH-dai)
May I have a glass of _____?Ar galėčiau gauti stiklinę _____? (ahr gah-LEHH-chyahoo GOW-tih stih-KLIH-neh___?)
May I have a cup of _____?Ar galėčiau gauti puodelį _____? (ahr gah-LEHH-chyahoo GOW-tih PWAH-da-lee____?)
May I have a bottle of _____?Ar galėčiau gauti butelį _____? (ahr gah-LEHH-chyahoo GOW-tih BOO-ta-lee____?)
Please note: the following first versions refers to the ending of the sentences, while the second ones - how they would look like in the menu
coffeekavos (KAH-vaws) - kava (KAH-vah)
tea (drink)arbatos (ahr-BAH-taws) - arbata (ahr-BAH-tah)
(fresh) juice(šviežiai spaustų) sulčių ((shvya-ZHIH-eye SPAH-oos-too) SOOL-chyoo) - (šviežios) sultys ((SHVYA-zhyaws) SOOL-tihs)
(sparkling) water(gazuoto) vandens ((gah-ZWAW-taw) VAHN-dans) - (gazuotas) vanduo ((gah-ZWAW-tahs) VAHN-dooa)
watervandens (VAHN-dans) - vanduo (VAHN-dooa)
beeralaus (AH-lahoos) - alus (AH-loos)
red/white wineraudono/balto vyno (row-DAW-naw/BAHL-taw VIH-naw) - raudonas/baltas vynas (row-DAW-naws/BAHL-tahs VIH-naws)
May I have some _____?Ar galėčiau gauti šiek tiek _____? (ahr gah-LEHH-chya-oo GOW-tih shyak tyak____?)
saltdruska (DROOS-kah)
black pepperjuodųjų pipirų (ywah-DOO-yoo pih-PIH-roo)
buttersviestas (SVYEHS-tahs)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Atsiprašau, padavėjau? (aht-sih-PRAH-shaoo, pah-dah-VEE-yow?)
I'm finished.Aš pabaigiau.(ahsh pah-BAY-giaoo)
It was delicious.Buvo labai skanu. (BU-vaw LAH-bye SKAH-nu)
Bring me the check, please.Galite atnešti sąskaitą. (GAH-lit-eh at-nesh-tih sah-sky-tah)
Lithuanian specialtiesCepelinai {Boilt mashed potato wrap with meat inside), Vėdarai (Pig guts stuffed with potatoe mash), Šaltibarščiai (cold pink soup made of milk derivative, beetroot and some eggs)

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