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Common Signs in Lithuanian Language

Thinking to travel to a Lithuanian speaking area? Have you asked yourself if you will definitely be able to understand the roads signs in Lithuanian or even the normal signs inside an airport of your location? Learn More

A lot of our well-known signs when it comes to Lithuanian displays renowned symbols in public areas and common streets signs or symptoms within Lithuania. It is important to get familiar with these types of signs prior to visiting a Lithuanian speaking state, because it can help you whenever driving a vehicle or walking, aid you in when you need it situation, or simply help make your personal life simpler when ever visiting Lithuania or some other place wherever people speak the Lithuanian language. More Info
Lithuanian Language Words

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List of Common Signs in Lithuanian Language

OPENAtidaryta (ah-tih-dah-REE-tah)
CLOSEDUždaryta (oozh-dah-REE-tah)
ENTRANCEĮėjimas (ee-eh-YIH-mahs)
EXITIšėjimas (ish-eh-YIH-mahs)
PUSHStumkite / Stumti (stOOM-kih-teh/ stOOM-tih)
PULLTraukite / Traukti (TROW-kih-teh/ TROWK-tih)
TOILETTualetai (plur.) / Tualetas (sing.) (twah-LA-tuy/ twah-LA-tahs)
MENVyrų (VEE-roo)
WOMENMoterų (MAW-teh-roo)
FORBIDDENUždrausta (oozh-DROWS-tah)

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