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About the Colours in Macedonian

When you find yourself considering to take a shopping spree in Macedonia or a Macedonian speaking nation, make sure you study the colours in Macedonian language. The names of colors in Macedonian comes in extremely helpful when you find yourself searching for extra options in many products your are thinking to get. Learn More

From this online page, you’ll be able to learn to articulate the names of different colours in Macedonian. We hope that by examining and understanding the Macedonian colour chart beneath, it will be straightforward to understand many of the essential colours in Macedonian.
Macedonian Language Words

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Macedonian Colours List

Redцрвена (TSAR-veh-nah)
Blueсина (SEE-nаh)
Greenзелена (ZEH-leh-nah)
Orangeпортокалова (pohr-toh-KAH-loh-vah)
Yellowжолта (ZHOHL-tah)
Purpleвиoлeтoва (vyoh-LEH-toh-vah)
Brownкафеaва (kah-FEH-a-vah)
Blackцрнa (TSAR-nah)
Whiteбелa (BEH-lah)
Greyсива (SEE-vah)
Pinkрозова (ROH-zoh-vah)

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