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About Macedonian Consonants Chart

Want to know do you know the consonants when it comes to Macedonian language? In articulatory phonetics, the Macedonian consonant is known as a speech sound that is articulated with total as well as partial closure of the vocal system. The word consonant is also employed to relate to a letter of a Macedonian alphabet that indicates a consonant sound. Learn More

Macedonian Consonants Chart

Macedonian Language Words

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Macedonian Consonants in Alphabet

БB бука - buka - noise...like 'b' in "book" [end of a word 'p' sound]
ВV вера - vera - faith...like 'v' in "very" [end and middle of a word 'f' sound]
ГG гора - gora - wood...like 'g' in "go" [end or middle of a word 'k' sound]
ДD да - da - yes...like 'd' in "dust" [end of a word like 't' sound]
ЃGj луѓе - lugje - people...like the 'dg' in "fudge" [at the end of the word like a 'tch' sound]
ЖZh жаба - zhaba - frog...like 'si' in "vision" [end of a word is 'sh' sound]
ЗZ за - za - for...like 'z' in "zoo"
ЅDz ѕид - dzid - wall...there is no sound like this in English; it is similar to the word suds(suhdz) pronounce d and z together > d-z=dz [end of a word is 'ts' sound]
ЈJ јас - jas - I...like 'y' in "yacht"
КK кама - kama - dagger...like 'c' in "camera" [hard sound]
ЛL лук - luk - garlic...like 'l' in "look"
ЉLj виљушка - viliushka - fork...like the 'li' in "million" [lyeh]
MM ми - mi - me...like 'm' in "me"
НN но - no - but...like 'n' in "no"
ЊNj диња - dinja - melon...like 'ni'- or 'ny'- in "onion" or "canyon"; the spanish ñ [nyeh]
ПP пат - pat - path...like 'p' in "path"
РR роб - rob - slave...like 'r' in "roca" [usually trilled]
СS сон - son - dream...like 's' in "son"
ТT тука - tuka - here...like 't' in "too"
ЌKj ќе - kje - will...like 'tch' in "watch"
ФF факт - fakt - fact...like 'f' in "fact"
ХH химна - himna - anthem...like 'h' in "him" [an aspirated sound]
ЦC цар - car = tsar - tsar...like 'ts' in "bits"
ЧCh чај - chaj - tea...like 'ch' in "much"
ЏDzh џин - dzhin - giant...like 'gi' in "giant" or 'j' in "jungle" [end or middle of a word 'ch' sound]
ШSh шума - shuma - forest...like 'sh' in "shop"

Macedonian Diphthongs in Alphabet

oathe 'oa' as in "boa"
aelike the 'a' in 'another' + 'e' in 'enemy'
oelike the 'oe' in 'poet'

Select the links directly below to find a number of helpful Macedonian holiday words that are structured by theme. For each travel phrase in Macedonian, you will see the English translation.

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