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About Ordering Food in Macedonian

Hungry? How to start purchasing food in Macedonian? These are some of the inquiries you will have when venturing in a Macedonian speaking nation. Learn More

Regardless of whether you’re going to live in a Macedonian speaking country or intending on a short visit there, discovering how to get meals in Macedonian is very important. Going out at Macedonian restaurants and bistros generally is a lot of fun, particularly if you know some rudimentary Macedonian restaurant vocabulary. More …
Macedonian Language Words

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We have detailed numerous familiar food related words in Macedonian, below, with the hope they are able to help you while you’re placing your order meals in Macedonian.

Speaking Macedonian When Eating Out

Simply click here to learn the Macedonian food sentences readily which can be used when it comes to purchasing meals in Macedonian eateries and coffee shops.

Macedonians generally take their main meal at midday or early afternoon.
A table for one person/two people, please.Маса за едно лице/две лица, ве молам. (MAH-sah zah EHD-noh LEE-tseh/dveh LEE-tsah, veh MOH-lahm)
Can I look at the menu, please?Може ли да го погледнам менито, молам? (MOH-zheh lee dah goh pog-LEHD-nahm meh-NEE-toh, MOH-lahm)
Can I look in the kitchen?Може ли да погледнам во кујната? (MOH-zheh lee dah POH-glehd-nahm voh KUI-nah-tah?)
Is there a house specialty?Дали постои куќен специјалитет? (DAH-lee POHS-toy KOO-keen speh-tsyah-lee-TEHT?)
Is there a local specialty?Дали постои локален специјалитет? (DAH-lee POHS-toy LOH-kahl-en- speh-tsyah-lee-TETH?)
I'm a vegetarian.Јас сум вегетаријанец. (yahs soom veh-geh-tah-ree-YAH-nehts)
I don't eat pork.Јас не јадам свинско месо. (yahs NEH-yah-dahm SVEENS-koh MEH-soh)
I don't eat beef.Јас не јадам месо. (yahs NEH-yah-dahm MEH-soh)
I only eat kosher food.Јас само јадам кошер храна. (yahs SAH-moh YAH-dahm KOH-shehr KHRAH-nah)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Можете ли да го направите "Лајт", молам? (moh-ZHEH-teh lee dah goh nap-RAV-ee-teh "lait", MOH-lahm?)
fixed-price mealфиксна цена оброк (FEEKS-nah TSEH-nah OH-brohk)
a la carteа ла карт (ah lah kahrt)
breakfastпојадок (POH-yah-dohk)
lunchручек (ROO-check)
tea (meal)чај (chai)
dinner/supperвечера (VEH-cheh-rah)
I want _____.Сакам _____. (SAH-kahm....)
spoonлажица (LAH-zhee-tsah)
forkвилушка (VEE-loosh-kah)
knifeнож (nohzh)
plateплоча (PLOH-chah)
saucerчинија (CHEE-nyah)
cupчаша (CHAH-shah)
drinking glassстакло (STAH-kloh)
I want a dish containing _____.Сакам храна која содржи _____. (SAH-kahm KHRA-nah KOY-ah SOHDR-zhee....)
chickenпилешко (PEE-lehsh-koh)
beefговедско месо (GOH-vehds-koh MEH-soh)
fishриба (REE-bah)
hamшунка (SHOON-kah)
sausageколбас (KOHL-bahs)
cheeseСирење (SEE-reh-nyeh)
eggsјајца (YAI-tsah)
saladсалата (sah-LAH-tah)
(fresh) vegetables(свеж) зеленчук ((svehzh) ZEH-lehn-chook)
(fresh) fruit(свежо) овошје ((SVEH-zhoh) OH-voh-shyeh)
breadлеб (lehb)
toastтост (tohst)
noodlesТестенини (tehs-TEH-nee-nee)
riceoриз (OH-reez)
beansграв (grahf)
May I have a glass of _____?Може ли една чаша _____? (MOH-zheh lee EHD-nah CHAH-shah...?)
May I have a cup of _____?Може ли чаша _____? (MOH-zheh lee CHAH-shah....?)
May I have a bottle of _____?Може ли шише _____? (MOH-zheh lee SHEE-sheh....?)
coffeeкафе (KAH-feh)
tea (drink)чај (chai)
juiceсок (sohk)
(bubbly) water(газирана) вода ((gaz-EE-rah-nah) VOH-dah)
waterвода (VOH-dah)
beerпиво (PEE-voh)
red/white wineцрвено/бело вино (TSEHR-veh-noh/BEH-loh VEE-noh)
May I have some _____?Може ли малку _____? (MOH-zheh lee MAHL-koo...?)
saltсол (sohl)
black pepperбибер (BEE-behr)
butterпутер (POO-tehr)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Извинете, келнер(m)/келнерка(f)? (eez-VEE-neh-teh, KEHL-nehr/KEHL-nehr-kah?)
I'm finished.Јас сум готов. (yahs soom GOH-tohf)
It was delicious.Тоа беше вкусно. (TOH-ah BEH-sheh VKOOS-noh)
Please clear the plates.Ве молиме измијте ги чиниите. (veh MOH-leeh-meh eez-MEEY-teh-gee chee-NEE-ee-teh)
The check, please.Сметката, ве молам. (SMET-kah-tah, veh MOH-lahm)

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