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Dealing With Authorities in Malay Language

While you are travelling in Malaysia or possibly any nation where they speak Malay and you’re in an emergency situation, handling authorities just like the police in Malay could be challenging. You have got to understand no less than the basic Malay terminology when it comes to urgent matters that will help you contact your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Malay Phrases For Emergencies

Malay Language Words

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Malayalam Language Words

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I haven't done anything wrong.Saya tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan. (...)
It's not my fault.Ini bukan salah saya.
What's happening?Apa yang berlaku?
It was a misunderstanding.Inilah salah faham. (...)
This is not fair.Ini tidak adil.
Have pity on me.Kasihanlah saya.
What are you doing?Apa yang awak lakukan?
Officer (when talking to a police officer)Tuan (male) / Puan (female)
Where are you taking me?Ke mana awak bawa saya ? (...)
Am I under arrest?Adakah saya ditahan ? (...)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.Saya warganegara Amerika /Australia / Inggeris / Kanada. (...)
Can I make a telephone call?Boleh saya buat panggilan telefon?
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.Saya ingin bercakap dengan Kedutaan/Konsulat Amerika / Australia / Inggeris / Kanada. (...)
I want to talk to a lawyer.Saya ingin bercakap dengan peguambela. (...)
Can I just pay a fine here?Bolehkah saya membayar denda di sini sahaja? (...)

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