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Learn How to Say Numbers in Malay Language

Want to find out how to repeat the actual contact numbers in Malay? You might want to add up to 10 in Malay. We’ve listed each written pronunciations of how to talk about the actual figures when it comes to Malay language. We are able to perhaps share with you how you can pronounce major figures in Malay successfully. Learn More

List of Numbers in Malay Language

We now have all of the the Malay numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you’ll want to find out. More …

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To help make counting the particular numbers in Malay easier for you, we have categorised the numbers in to smaller parts. Every one of these internet pages have a brief online video you can enjoy to determine the correct pronunciation.
0sifar (formal)/kosong (colloquial)
12dua belas
13tiga belas
14empat belas
20dua puluh
21dua puluh satu
22dua puluh dua
23dua puluh tiga
30tiga puluh
40empat puluh
50lima puluh
200dua ratus
300tiga ratus
1100seribu seratus
1152seribu seratus lima puluh dua
1200seribu dua ratus
1500seribu lima ratus
2000dua ribu
2100dua ribu seratus
10,000sepuluh ribu
20,000dua puluh ribu
100,000seratus ribu
150,000seratus lima puluh ribu
156,125seratus lima puluh enam ribu seratus dua puluh lima
250,000dua ratus lima puluh ribu / Suku juta (quarter of a million)
500,000lima ratus ribu / setengah juta (half a million)
1,150,000sejuta seratus lima puluh ribu
1,250,000sejuta dua ratus lima puluh ribu
1,500,000sejuta lima ratus ribu
1,750,000sejuta tujuh ratus lima puluh ribu
2,000,000dua juta
100,000,000seratus juta
1,000,000,000satu bilion
1,000,000,000,000satu trilion
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)(keretapi, bas) nombor _____ (...)
halfsetengah (...)
quartersuku (...)
three quartertiga suku (...)
lesskurang (...)
morelebih (...)
roughly (more or less)lebih kurang

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