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Learn How to Say Numbers in Malayalam Language

Wish to know how to pronounce the actual contact numbers in Malayalam? You may have to add up to 12 in Malayalam. We certainly have included each written pronunciations of ways to say the numbers in Malayalam language. We can easily even share with you the right way to tell you major numbers in Malayalam comfortably. Learn More

List of Numbers in Malayalam Language

Now we have virtually all the Malayalam numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you will need to read. More …

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In order to make counting the particular numbers when it comes to Malayalam easier, we certainly have separated the numbers in to smaller sized sections. Each one of these internet pages contain a brief online video you can watch to determine the right pronunciation.
1one (onnu)
2two (randu)
3three (moonnu MOO in moon)
4four (naalu)
5five (anchu)
6six (aaru)
7seven (eezhu)
8eight (ettu E of eight)
9nine (onpathu)
10ten (pathu)
11eleven (pathinonnuh' )
12twelve (panthranduh')
13thirteen (pathimoonnuh)
14fourteen (pathinaaluh)
15fifteen (pathinanchuh)
16sixteen (pathinaaruh)
17seventeen (pathinezhuh)
18eighteen (pathinettuh)
19nineteen (pathombathuh)
20twenty (irupathuh)
21twenty one (irupathonnuh)
22twenty two (irupathiranduh)
23twenty three (irupathimoonuh)
30thirty (muppathuh)
40forty (nalpathuh)
50: fifty (anpathuh)
60sixty (arupathuh)
70seventy (ezhupathuh)
80eighty (enpathuh)
90ninety (thonnooru)
100one hundred (nooru)
200two hundred (Irunnooru)
300three hundred (Munnooru)
1000one thousand (aayiram)
2000two thousand (randayiram)
1,000,000one million (pathu-laksham)
1,000,000,000one thousand million in UK, one billion in USA (nooru kodi)
1,000,000,000,000one trillion in USA, formerly one billion in UK (laksham kodi)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)number _____ (...am Number)eg:-#10 ( Pathh-am Number)
halfhalf (arai or paadhi or pakuthi)
lessless (kurachu or kuranja)
moremore (kooduthal or koodiya)

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