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About Getting Directions in Montenegrin Language

When visiting in Montenegro or any area where people communicate in Montenegrin, are you aware of tips to get to your vacation destination? Exploring in Montenegrin-speaking areas is often thrilling as well as adventurous. Learn More

Nevertheless, it is good to figure out easy methods to request information in Montenegrin as well as understand what you’re advised. Montenegrin Phrases For Direction
Montenegrin Language Words

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The following Montenegrin terminology below will assist you to have an understanding of directions in Montenegrin.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Montenegrin

How do I get to _____ ?(kako da dođem do )
...the train station?(zeljeznicke stanice )
...the bus station?(autobuske stanice )
...the airport?(aerodroma )
...downtown?(u centar grada )
...the youth hostel?(do hotela za mlade )
...the _____ hotel?(do hotela )
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?(americkog/kanadskog/britanskog konzulata )
Where are there a lot of...(gdje ima vise )
...hotels?(hotela )
...restaurants?(restorana )
...bars?(barova )
...sites to see?(lokacija za vidjeti )
Can you show me on the map?(mozes li mi pokazati na karti )
street(ulicu )
Turn left.('lijevo skretanje' )
Turn right.(desno skretanje )
left(lijevo )
right(desno )
straight ahead(pravo naprijed )
towards the _____(kroz )
past the _____(pored )
before the _____(prije )
Watch for the _____.(potrazi )
intersection( )
north(sjever )
south(jug )
east(istok )
west(zapad )
uphill(uzbrdo )
downhill(nizbrdo )

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