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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Montenegrin Language

Want to know how you can repeat the phone numbers in Montenegrin? You might want to add up to 10 in Montenegrin. We now have included each written pronunciations of ways to state the numbers in Montenegrin language. We can actually explain to you the right way to pronounce major amounts in Montenegrin simply. Learn More

List of Numbers in Montenegrin Language

We have now pretty much all the Montenegrin numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, underneath that you will have to find out. More …

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To ensure counting the numbers when it comes to Montenegrin simpler for you, we have now broken down the numbers in to smaller-sized sections. Each of these webpages come with a short video you can enjoy to learn the correct pronunciation.
1(jedan )
2(dva )
3(tri )
4(cetiri )
5(pet )
6(sest )
7(sedam )
8(osam )
9(devet )
10(deset )
11(jedanaest )
12(dvanest )
13(trinaest )
14(cetrnaest )
15(petnaest )
16(sesnaest )
18(osamnaest )
19(devetnaest )
20(dvadeset )
21(dvadeset jedan )
22(dvadeset dva )
23(dvadeset tri )
30(trideset )
40(cetrdeset )
50(pedeset )
60(sezdeset )
70(sedamdeset )
80(osamdeset )
90(devedeset )
100(sto )
200(dvjesta )
300(trista )
400(cetiristo )
500(petsto )
1,000(hiljadu )
2,000(dvije hiljade )
1,000,000(jedan milion )
1,000,000,000(jedna milijarda )
1,000,000,000,000(jedan trilion )
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)( )
half(pola )
less(manje )
more(vise )

Click on the hyperlinks below to find out a list of beneficial Montenegrin travel phrases which you’ll find sorted by theme. For each travel phrase in Montenegrin, you will see the actual English interpretation.

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