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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Nepali Language

Want to know the right way to say the actual contact numbers in Nepali? You may need to count up to 20 in Nepali. We now have provided both written pronunciations of ways to express the figures in Nepali language. It is possible to even show you the right way to pronounce large amounts in Nepali easily. Learn More

List of Numbers in Nepali Language

We have now pretty much all the Nepali numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, listed here that you will have to read. More …

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To ensure counting the numbers in Nepali simpler, we have now separated the numbers in to smaller-sized areas. Every one of these internet pages come with a quick video tutorial you can view to determine the correct pronunciation.
1ek (A-kh)
2dui (Du-ee)
3tien (Tee-n)
4char (Cha-r)
5panch (Pa-n-ch)
6chha (Cha)
7saat (Sa-at)
8aath (Aa-th)
9nau (Na-u)
10das (Daa-ss)
11eghara (A-ghaa-ra)
12bara (Bha-ra)
13teera (Th-e-ra)
14chauda (Chau-da)
15pandhra (Pan-dra)
16sorha (So-rha)
17satra (Sat-ra)
18athara (Aa-tha-ra)
19unais (Un-nai-s)
20bis (Bis)
30teece (Tee-sh)
40chaleece (Cha-lee-sh)
50pachaase (Pa-cha-sh)
60sathi (Sat-ti)
70sattari (Sa-tha-ri)
80assi (aa-si)
90nabbe (nab-be)
100ek saye (A-kh sai-ya)
200dwi saye (Du-ee sai-ya)
300tin saye (Tee-n sai-ya)
1000ek hazar (A-kh Ha-zar)
2000dwi hazar (Du-ee Ha-zar)
100,000ek lakh (A-kh la-kh)
1,000,000dus lakh (Daa-ss la-kh)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)number _____ (...)
halfaadha (aa-dha)
lesskaam (cum)
moredherai (dhe-raii)

Select the hyperlinks below to check out a list of beneficial Nepali travel words which you’ll find structured by group. For each holiday phrase in Nepali, you will find the English translation.

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