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If you are in Norway or maybe a Norwegian speaking region, ever wondered how to tell the time in Norwegian? Telling the time in Norwegian is dependant on knowing the Norwegian numbers and certain tips concerning the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Norwegian. Learn More

In this website, you’ll find out simply how one can reveal to the time in Norwegian while using the subsequent phrases regarding:
Norwegian Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Norwegian Language

nownå (...)
laterseinere (...)
beforetidligere (tid-li-ere)
morningmorgen (må-årn)
afternoonettermiddag (...)
eveningkveld (kvell)
nightnatt (...)
Note that whenever you say one o'clock, you use ett instead of en.

Wish to know how to say eight o’clock in Norwegian? Utilize the sentences listed below that may help you tell the latest time on the clock in Norwegian.
The simplest way to say the time is to use the 24 hour system.
8klokka åtte null null (...)
19.37klokka nitten tretti sju (..)
1.01klokka ett null en (...)
12 hour system
There is no universal AM/PM usage in norway. If people are not familiar enough with English to understand you saying the time in English, they will probably not understand AM or PM either. To disambiguate time, you can look at the section called Time (morning, evening, etc). It can be hard to choose the correct preposition/grammar to use for these (which depends a lot on context, past, future, etc), so the easiest is to simply append it after having said the time.
The clock-hour can be divided as follows for the 12 hour system
10klokka 10 (...)
10.05fem over 10 (femm åv-er ti)
10.1ti over 10 (...)
10.15kvart over 10 (...)
10.2ti på halv 11 (...)
10.25fem på halv 11 (...)
10.3halv 11 (hall 11)
10.35fem over halv 11 (...)
10.4ti over halv 11 (...)
10.45kvart på 11 (...)
10.5ti på 11 (...)
10.55fem på 11 (...)

Utilize the fundamental Norwegian words and phrases to understand the time duration like a Year, Week and a Month in Norwegian language.
_____ minute(s)_____ minutt(er) (...)
_____ hour(s)_____ time(r) (...)
_____ day(s)_____ dag(er) (...)
_____ week(s)_____ uke(r) (...)
_____ month(s)_____ måned(er) (må-ned/månt-er)
_____ year(s)_____ år (...)

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