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About the Colours in Pashto

When you are planning to go on a shopping spree in Afghanistan or a Pashto speaking nation, don’t forget to learn the colours in Pashto language. The names of colors in Pashto will come in really invaluable if you find yourself seeking for more choices in several items you’re thinking to order. Learn More

On this specific web content, you can certainly learn to articulate the names of numerous colours in Pashto. We trust by studying and understanding the Pashto colour chart beneath, you will be able to understand more or less all the major colours in Pashto.
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Pashto Colours List

blackتور [tor] (TOHR)
whiteسپين [spin] (SPEEN)
grayخړ [khərr] (KHERR)
redسور [sur] (SOOR)
blueاسماني [asmaani] (as-maa-NEE), or: شين [shin] (SHEEN)
yellowزيړ [zyarr] (ZYARR)
greenشين [shin] (SHEEN), or: زرغون [zarghun] (zar-GHOON)
orangeنارنجي [naarənji] (naa-ren-JEE)
purpleبانجڼي [baanjənni] (baan-je-NNEE)
brownنسواري [naswaari] (nas-waa-REE)

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