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Should you be in Afghanistan or a Pashto speaking place, ever thought about how to tell the time in Pashto? Telling the actual time in Pashto depends upon knowing the Pashto numbers and a few principles regarding the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Pashto. Learn More

Within this internet site, you’ll find out quickly the right way to reveal to the time in Pashto while using subsequent sentences regarding:
Pashto Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Pashto Language

nowاوس [os] (OHS)
laterوروسته [wrusta] (WROOS-ta)
beforeمخکې [məkhkē] (MEKH-keh)
morningسهار [sahaar] (sa-HAAR)
noonغرمه [gharma] (ghar-MA)
afternoonماسپښين [maaspak'hin] (maas-pa-KHEEN)
eveningماښام [maak'haam] (maa-KHAAM)
nightشپه [shpa] (SHPA)

Want to find out just how to say six o’clock in Pashto? Make use of the key phrases below to assist you to tell the existing time on the clock in Pashto.
one o'clock AMد شپې يوه بجه [da shpē yawa baja] (da SHPEH, ya-WA baja)
two o'clock AMد شپې دوه بجې [da shpē dwa bajē] (da SHPEH, DWA bajeh)
noon, twelve o'clockد غرمې دوولس بجې [da gharmē dwolas bajē] (da ghar-MEH, DWOH-las bajeh)
one o'clock PMد ماسپښين يوه بجه [da maaspak'hin yawa baja] (da maas-pa-KHEEN, ya-WA baja)
two o'clock PMد ماسپښين دوه بجې [da maaspak'hin dwa bajē] (da maas-pa-KHEEN, DWA bajeh)
midnightنيمه شپه [nima shpa] (NEE-ma shpa)

Take advantage of the simple Pashto terms to understand the time period for instance a Year, Week and a Four week period in Pashto language.
_____ minute/minutesدقيقه/دقيقې _____ [daqiqa/daqiqē] (_____ da-kee-KA / da-kee-KEH)
_____ hour/hoursګېنټه/ګېنټې _____ [gēntta/gēnttē] (_____ gehn-TTA / gehn-TTEH)
_____ day(s)(ورځ(ې _____ [wradz(ē)] (_____ WRAZ(eh))
_____ week(s)اوونۍ _____ [uwənəi] (_____ oo-we-NEI)
_____ month(s)(مياشت(ې _____ [myaasht(ē)] (_____ MYAASHT(eh))
_____ year(s)(کال(ه _____ [kaal(a)] (_____ KAAL(a))

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