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About Polish Consonants Chart

Want to know which are the consonants present in Polish language? In articulatory phonetics, the Polish consonant is actually a speech sound that is articulated with complete or simply partial closure of the vocal region. The word consonant can be employed to talk about a letter of the Polish alphabet which signifies a consonant sound. Learn More

Polish Consonants Chart

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Polish Consonants in Alphabet

bas in bed
cas in boots
ćsomewhat as in catch, pronounced with the tongue touching the front of the palate
das in dog
fas in fun
gas in go
hsee ch
jas in yak
kas in keep
las in lead
łas in womb
mas in mother
nas in nice
ńas in canyon; sounds just like the Spanish "ñ"
pas in pig
qas kw, see k and w respectively (rarely used)
rno approximate sound in English but try ring
sas in song
śsomewhat as in wish
tas in top
vsee w (rarely used)
was in vote
xas ks, see k and s respectively (rarely used)
zas in haze
źas in seizure
żas zh in English loanwords or treasure

Polish Diphthongs in Alphabet

Click on the hyperlinks directly below to find out a list of helpful Polish holiday words and phrases that are structured by group. For every holiday word or phrase in Polish, there’ll be the English translation.

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