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About Getting Directions in Romanian Language

While you are venturing in Romania or any country where people talk in Romanian, are you aware of how to get to your desired destination? Venturing in Romanian-speaking places can be thrilling and adventurous. Learn More

Nevertheless, it is always good to learn ways to request directions in Romanian and also to understand what you are explained to. Romanian Phrases For Direction
Romanian Language Words

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The following Romanian vocabulary below will allow you to fully grasp directions in Romanian.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Romanian

International airportAeroportul Internaţional
How do I get to _____ ?Cum ajung la _____ ? (COOM ah-ZHOONG lah _____ ?)
...the train station?... gară? (GAH-ruh)
...the bus station?...staţia de autobuz? (STAH-tzee-ah deh OW-toe-booz)
...the airport?...aeroport? (AH-yeh-roh-pohrt)
...downtown?centrul oraşului...? (CHEHN-trool oh-RAHSH-oo-loo-wee)
...the youth hostel?caminul de tineret? (kah-mee-nool deh TEE-nehr-eht)
...the _____ hotel?...hotelul _____ ? (hoh-TEHL-ool _____)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?...consulatul american/canadian/australian/britanic? (COHN-soo-LAH-tool ah-meh-ree-KAHN/kah-nah-dee-AHN/OW-strah-lee-AHN/bree-TAH-nik)
Where are there a lot of _____Unde sunt multe _____ (OON-deh SOONT MOOLT-eh)
...hotels?...hoteluri? (ho-TEHL-oor)
...restaurants?restaurante? (reh-stow-RAHN-teh)
...bars?...baruri? (BAHR-oor)
...sites to see?locuri turistice? (loh-koor too-REE-stee-cheh)
Can you show me on the map? (formal/polite)Puteţi să-mi arătaţi/arătare-me pe hartă? (poo-TEHTZ suhm ah-RUH-tahtz/ah-ruh-TAH-rah me peh HAHR-tuh?)
streetstradă (STRAH-duh)
Turn left. (formal/polite)luaţi-o la stânga. (loo-ah-tzee-oh lah stoohn-gah);
Turn right.(formal/polite) : luaţi-o la dreapta. (loo-ah-tzee-oh lah DRYAP-tah)
leftstânga (STOOHN-gah)
rightdreapta (DRYAP-tah)
straight aheaddrept înainte (DREHPT oohn-ay-EEN-teh)
towards the _____spre _____ (spreh _____)
past the _____după _____ (doo-puh)
before the _____înainte de_____ (oohn-ay-EEN-teh deh)
Watch for the _____.(formal/polite) Aşteptaţi _____. (ahsh-tehp-TAHTZ _____.) informally, "Aşteaptă _____." (ahsh-TYAHP-tuh)
intersectionintersecţie (EEN-tehr-sehk-tzee-eh)
northnord (NOHRD)
southsud (SOOD)
eastest (EHST)
westvest (VEHST)
uphillsus (SOOS)
downhilljos (ZHOHS)

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