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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Romanian Language

Would like to know ways to voice the telephone numbers in Romanian? You might need to count up to 10 in Romanian. You’ll find listed each written pronunciations of how to say typically the figures in Romanian language. We are able to actually demonstrate the best way to tell you major figures in Romanian simply. Learn More

List of Numbers in Romanian Language

We have now virtually all the Romanian numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, directly below that you’ll need to know. More …

Romanian Language Words

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To ensure counting the numbers in Romanian easier, we certainly have separated the numbers in to smaller sized parts. Every one of these webpages feature a brief video you can view to master the correct pronunciation.
1unu (OO-noo)
2doi (doy)
3trei (tray)
4patru (PAH-troo)
5cinci (cheench)
6şase (SHAH-seh)
7şapte (SHAHP-teh)
8opt (ohpt)
9nouă (NOH-uh)
10zece (ZEH-cheh)
11unsprezece (OON-spreh-zeh-cheh, usually shortened to just unşpe, OON-shpeh even in formal speech; similarly, for all numbers up to 19)
12doisprezece (DOY-spreh-zeh-cheh)
13treisprezece (TRAY-spreh-zeh-cheh)
14paisprezece (PIE-spreh-zeh-cheh)
15cincisprezece (CHEENCH-spreh-zeh-cheh)
16şaisprezece (SHY-spreh-zeh-cheh)
17şaptesprezece (SHAHP-teh-spreh-zeh-cheh)
18optsprezece (OPT-spreh-zeh-cheh)
19nouăsprezece (NO-uh-spreh-zeh-cheh)
20douăzeci (DOH-uh ZETCH)
21douăzeci şi unu (DOH-uh ZETCH shee OO-nu)
22douăzeci şi doi (DOH-uh ZETCH shee DOY)
23douăzeci şi trei (DOH-uh ZETCH shee TRAY)
30treizeci (TRAY ZETCH)
40patruzeci (PAH-troo ZETCH)
50cincizeci (CHEENCH ZETCH, but often more like CHEEN-zetch)
60şaizeci (SHAH-ee ZETCH)
70şaptezeci (SHAHP-teh ZETCH)
80optzeci (OHPT zetch)
90nouăzeci (NO-uh ZETCH)
100o sută (OH SOO-tuh)
105o sută cinci (OH SOO-teh CHEENCH)
200două sute (DOH-uh SOO-teh)
300trei sute (TRAY SOO-teh)
400patru sute (PAH-troo SOO-teh)
500cinci sute (CHEENCH SOO-teh)
600şase sute (SHAH-seh SOO-teh)
700şapte sute (SHAHP-teh SOO-teh)
800opt sute (OHPT SOO-teh)
900nouă sute (NOH-uh SOO-teh)
1000o mie (oh MEE-eh)
2000două mii (DOH-uh MEE)
1,000,000un milion (OON mee-LEE-ohn)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)numărul _____ (nu-MUH-rool)
halfjumătate (joo-muh-TAH-teh, often shortened to joo-MAH-teh)
lessmai puţin (MY poo-TZEEN)
moremai mult (my moolt)

Select the links directly below to find out a number of helpful Romanian holiday words and phrases that are sorted by group. For each holiday word or phrase in Romanian, you will notice the actual English interpretation.

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