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Ordering Drinks in Romanian Bar

While inside of a Romanian speaking country and you require to obtain a cocktail in a bar or simply a store. It is good to know certain Romanian terms to buy refreshments. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Romanian Language

Thirsty in Romania or maybe in a region where people speak the Romanian language? We have got displayed important Romanian terms to buy refreshments in Romanian language.

Romanian Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Serviţi alcool? (ser-VEETZ al-KOHL)
Is there table service?Este serviciu la masă? (YEHS-teh seer-VEE-choo lah MAH-suh?)
A beer/two beers, please.O bere / două beri, vă rog. (oh BEH-reh / DOH-uh BEHR, vuh ROHG)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Un pahar de vin roşu/alb, vă rog (oohn pah-HAHR deh VEEN ROH-shoo / AHLB, vuh ROHG)
A pint, please.Romania doesn't use pints, but you'll get 0.88 pint (literally, 'half a liter') if you order: Jumătate de litru, vă rog. (JOO-muh-TAH-teh de LEE-troo, vuh ROHG)
A bottle, please.O sticlă, vă rog. (oh STIK-luh, vuh ROHG)
_____ (hard liquor) and _____ (mixer), please._____ şi _____, vă rog. (vuh ROHG')
whiskeywhisky (WHEESS-kee)
vodkavodka (VOHD-kah)
rumrom (ROHM)
waterapă (AH-puh)
club sodasifon (see-FOHN)
tonic waterapă tonică (AH-puh TOH-nee-kuh)
orange juicesuc de portocale (SOOK deh POHR-to-KAHL-eh)
Coke (soda)cola (KOH-lah)
Do you have any bar snacks?Aveţi ceva gustări? (ah-VEHTS CHEH-vah goo-STUHR?)
One more, please.Încă unu, vă rog (OOHN-kah OOHN-oo vuh ROHG); also "Încă una, vă rog" (depends on the gender, this would be feminine) (OOHN-kah OOHN-ah vuh ROHG)
Another round, please.Încă o serie, vă rog. (OOHN-kah oh SEH-ree-eh, vuh ROHG)
When is closing time? (literally, "When does this bar close?")Când se închide barul ăsta? (COOHND seh uhn-KEE-deh BAH-rool AHS-ta)

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