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Alphabet in Serbian Language

Learning the Serbian alphabet is necessary in mastering the Serbian Language. Serbian alphabet structure is put into use in a daily conversation. Without the Serbian alphabet, it is extremely hard to speak the Serbian phrases correctly even if anyone can write those terms in Serbian. Learn More

Like in any language, the far better a person pronounce a letter in a word, the more grasped you will be in talking the Serbian language. Underneath are website links which redirects you to the Serbian alphabet and exactly how it’s pronounced in English.
Serbian Language Words

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Serbian Latin Alphabet:
Aa Bc Cc Čč Ćć Dd Dždž Đđ Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Ljlj Mm Nn Njnj Oo Pp Rr Ss Šš Tt Uu Vv Zz Žž

Vowels in Serbian Alphabet

There are five vowels in Serbo-Croatian language. They can be long or short.
athe 'a' in "article"
ethe 'e' in "end"
ithe 'ee' in "week"
othe 'o' in "obey"
uthe 'oo' in "took"

Consonants in Serbian Alphabet

Many of the consonants are pronounced as in English, except for a few variations.
bthe 'b' in "abuse"
calways as 'ts' in "bits"
čthe 'ch' in "chair"
ćthe 'ch' in "church"
dthe 'd' in "dog"
đthe 'd(u)' in "endure"; rarely used at the beginning of a word; this letter is sometimes written as dj; [the Cyrillic equivalent of this letter is "ђ"]
the 'dge' in "edge", but harder [the Cyrillic equivalent of this letter is "џ"]; seldom used
fthe 'f' in "face"
gthe 'g' in "gone" [always hard 'g']
hthe 'ch' in "loch" [aspirated sound]
jthe 'y' in "yes"
kthe 'k' in "kick"
lthe 'l' in "like"
ljthe 'li' in "million" [the Cyrillic equivalent of this letter is "љ"]
mthe 'm' in "monkey"
nthe 'n' in "noise"
njthe 'ny' in "canyon" [Spanish ñ nasal sound, the Cyrillic equivalent of this letter is "њ"]
pthe 'p' in "post"
rthe 'r' in "barco" [trilled 'r' like in Spanish language]
sthe 's' in "sun"
šthe 'sh' in "shower"
tthe 't' in "talk"
vthe 'v' in "vase"
zthe 'z' in "zone"
žthe 'su' in "pleasure"
q w x and y are not part of the Serbian alphabet, and they can occur only in foreign words. Hence, "text" in Serbian is written as "tekst", "expert" as "ekspert", "wagon" as "vagon", "quota" as "kvota" and "myth" as "mit".

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Serbian Alphabet

ijathe 'ia' in "Lydia"
ijethe 'ie' in "miedo"
ajthe 'ie' in "pie" (ia sound)
ojthe 'oy' in "boy"
oathe 'oa' in "boa"
aosimilar to the 'ou' in "out"
eothe 'eo' in "video" ('e' as in 'there')

Generally, in complex words, the emphasis is on the first syllable 'Kako' [KAH-koh]. In some cases, such as in words with a prefix ['autobus' (ow-TOH-boos)] the stress is on the middle syllable. The last syllable is never stressed.

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